A robot vacuum cleaner "escapes" from a hotel and they ask for citizen collaboration to find it

Luckily, this mischievous robot vacuum cleaner was found the next day near the hotel after his particular trip.

Robots deserve a good rest too, and that has apparently happened with a robot vacuum cleaner in the UK who decided to take a day off from his hard work at a hotel to take a walk around the area.

And it is that this particular automated device, which is used to vacuum, mop and sweep, ideal for our homes but that we can also find in many hotels, also wants to discover a new world.

Although robot vacuum cleaners are capable of mapping their performance space, sometimes a bad configuration, a technical error or any other mistake can open up a new world of possibilities out there.

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A robot vacuum cleaner “managed to fool” staff at the Travelodge Hotel in Orchard Park in Cambridge last Thursday, and was missing for up to 24 hours.

According to the BBC, the staff, faced with the loss of this robot, stated that “could be anywhere”, while the reactions on social networks began to be noticed, with people pointing out that “the robot vacuum cleaner has no natural predators”, and that they expect “enjoy your trip abroad”.

However, in the face of such loss, one of the hotel managers published a post on social networks to ask for help finding the device, they report from Express.

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They usually make it to the side of the entrance and then turn around, but this robot decided to escape. It was 15 minutes before I knew it, and by that time I could have gotten anywhere.”, he says.

In fact, they hung up a small reward for those people who managed to find this mischievous robot vacuum cleaner: “if you see him, there’s a drink at the bar for you when he returns. They are not compatible with any other chargers or docking stations, so they are useless once they run out”.

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He adds that “I’m thinking someone probably stole it at this point, but we’re hopeful. I miss my little friend”, says the hotel manager.

Fortunately, the robot vacuum cleaner was located the next day, this last Friday, under a hedge. One of the hotel’s cleaners located the dusty machine, but best of all, it’s still working.

After a good cleaning, now this mischievous robot vacuum cleaner “it’s already sitting happily on a shelf with the rest of its family of robotic vacuum cleaners”, confirmed the hotel.

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