Educator Roman has fallen in love with med student Deliah online. 10,000 kilometers and 16 hours flight time separate them: He lives on a farm near Aachen, she in Africa. They have seen each other in the flesh twice in the past 1.5 years, and now the third visit is coming up. And with one big goal: Wedding! “This is definitely the journey of my life,” says Roman. But he also admits: “I’m fucking nervous”.

And then there is Nina: She has been paraplegic since she fell from the balcony in 2013. Four years later she met the German-Italian Carmelo, and the two have been a couple ever since. “He makes me feel normal,” she says. “She’s the most amazing person I’ve ever met,” he says.

Emotions full in “Where the love falls down”

So much love! But it’s also Friday, or as they say on Vox: “Feel Good Friday”. Announced in September 2021, the LGBTQ format “Princess Charming” failed just as badly as the double-dubbed show “Die Superzwillinge” in this feel-good slot. But there are now enough emotions: In a new factual format, Vox is now taking a close look at “Where love falls”.

Couples are presented, about whom middle-class Germany supposedly shakes its head and then prophesies know-it-all: “That can’t go well.” Intercultural couples, those with a large age difference, with different religious backgrounds or with a health handicap. Exactly the opposite of the usual “like and like like to join” principle.

For love: Carmelo is the strong man behind a strong woman

The show about “The Super Twins” failed, among other things, because the format did not go beyond the amazement at the double existence of some people. Vox now wants to avoid this mistake at all costs – and therefore does not accompany the couples in everyday life, but in more critical situations with the camera.

Nina and Carmelo, for example, want to travel for the first time – without carers. And that means: Carmelo is responsible for everything. Teamwork in this case is a one-man show. This is of course absolutely admirable. But it probably won’t tear the viewers out of the sofa anyway.

The father hesitates with his blessing – is the scandal finally coming?

And novel? Must ask Deliah’s father for her hand. And in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, he is an important tribal leader and a member of the royal cabinet. “Roman needs to impress him,” Deliah says meaningfully. Courtship in Uganda means: presents for the parents. Cows to be exact. And goats. And chickens.

“Thank you very much.” Deliah’s father is very reserved when Roman finally says his spell and asks for his father’s blessing. Daddy makes it exciting, first talks about time to think about it. And after this overdose of fluffy TV, you’re already so bored that you wish for at least a touch of scandal. Does the love that has fallen somewhere actually fall to the ground?

But it’s the “Feel Good Friday” when even a Ugandan tribal leader mustn’t disturb the good Vox vibes – the father gives in and the young couple his blessing, even regardless of the number of cows that Roman has left by then could deliver. The wedding will probably be celebrated in five months. Possibly on a Friday.

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