The socialist Mayor's Office of Ciempozuelos raided Vox's office in which there were party documents

On January 3, those responsible for Vox in the Madrid town of Ciempozuelos met its headquarters open Y a person inside. The entry into the political offices of the Santiago Abascal party was ordered from the Socialist City Council commanded by the mayor, Raquel Jimeno. The violated dependencies housed political documentation and had a computer equipment with access to the Internet and the corporate mail of all of Vox.

Abascal’s party has already reported the events to the Civil Guard, as evidenced by the report published today by OKDIARIO. It all happened on January 3 at the City Hall of Ciempozuelos and without the slightest legal communication, or prior formal notification, or notice to the interested parties in order, at least, to have been able to prevent the break-in or appear in the violation of the offices to withdraw sensitive documentation or computer material.

Between “8:00 and 14:00”, as reported by Vox, “the right of the Municipal Group was violated by the current municipal government”, commanded by the Socialist Party, “when entering the office without the presence of any of the councilors that make up the Municipal Group, and occupy it without respect or modesty to the inviolability of a legal domicile of these special characteristics with total abuse of power and contempt for the opposition party, its voters and the democratic society in general of the whole spanish nation”, as they point out from Vox.

The legal teams of the municipal group of Vox point out that the violation of this space harms “rights described in article 27 and 28 of the Regulation of Organization, Operation and Legal Regime of Local Entities (Royal Decree 2568/1986, of November 28) , supposes a violation of the legal domicile and the intimacy of the party and violates the secrecy and secrecy due to the documentation and personal and legal data protected by the Law in general and specifically in the Spanish Constitution”.

“The act of raiding the legal domicile of a political party is more typical of social-communist dictatorships than of a democratic country belonging to the European Union,” they add.

Civil Guard report.

Opposition strategies and information

The statement is based on two facts. The first of them reported to the Civil Guard. And it is that there was “political documentation” in the office. “All, absolutely all the documentation and information contained therein has been openly exposed to the municipal government team without anything or anyone being able to prevent or monitor it, revealing not only the opposition’s strategies and information, but also data and copies of these documents as well as personal data protected by the Organic Law have been collected. 3/2018 on Data Protection”.

The second fact is equally serious. As confirmed to OKDIARIO by the Vox spokesman in Ciempozuelos, Rafael Palacios, “in that same office there was computer equipment with access to the Internet and the party’s corporate mail.” And, from the moment in which the political space of Vox has been violated, it is difficult to know if it has been possible to access documentation or information that is not strictly municipal, but even national.

From Vox they point out that “when going to verify the violation of the office, both the spokesman for the municipal group of Vox accompanied by the coordinator of the party in Ciempozuelos, confirmed the violation, the handling and the change of location of the documentation and the occupation of the office by a person outside the municipal group, as well as the door open to the view of anyone who passed by”.

Articles 27 and 28 of the Regulations for the Organization, Functioning and Legal Regime of Local Entities state that “to the extent of the functional possibilities of the administrative organization of the local entity, the various political groups will have at their headquarters a office or premises to meet independently and receive visits from citizens, and the president or member of the Corporation responsible for the internal regime area will make available a minimum infrastructure of material and personal means”.

And they add that “political groups may make use of the Corporation’s premises to hold meetings or work sessions with associations for the defense of the collective, general or sectoral interests of the population.” Moreover, “the president or the corporate member responsible for the internal regime area will establish the specific regime for the use of the premises by the groups of the Corporation, taking into account the necessary functional coordination and in accordance with the levels of political representation from each of them”.

From Vox they describe the raid as very serious and point out that “in the face of these articles, any justification for the illegal act committed by the Mayor’s Office does not endorse either the forms, or the fact of committing it.” Vox adds that it has been “the only Political Group to which the municipal office has been violated, which further aggravates the illegal act by adding not only a charge of comparative tort and offense to the honor and dignity of the party, of its affiliates and voters, but also carries a heavy burden of harassment and political persecution that adds to that already verified on several occasions to the Vox political group.

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