The athlete to follow |  'Big Cozy', the incredible 163 kilo pivot who went viral for a fall

Adebayo Akinfenwa is possibly one of the most peculiar athletes of all time. If we think about forwards, we can soon realize that there is no specific style of player, and that they are very different profiles that can be found: we can go from the tank player, to the diblador battering ram, the area mouse or even the finisher or the finisher. And, of course, for the ‘killer’, full of quality, capable of changing the fate of a game. Surely for each one of them we can think of a name at the first change, but Akinfenwa brings together the qualities of many of them… with 102 kilos on his back.

Just by looking at him, he does not offer the appearance of being a professional footballer, weighing much more than what is expected of a 1.85 meter player and far from what is expected of an elite athlete. But when the ball starts rolling, everything changes.: his way of moving, his style and his goalscoring ability have made him a legend. It is true that he has never played at the highest level, but his long career confirms that he is a player with great gifts: at 39 years old, with more than 20 years as a professional, he has played for teams such as Swansea, Wimbledon or Wycombe and can boast of having scored more than 230 goals.

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For that reason, a good athlete should not always be judged by their physique. This is the case of this week’s protagonist, a university basketball player who rose to world fame for a fall that went viral… but which, in turn, served to show that there was much more behind that image: Connor Williams Not only is he considered one of the most promising players at St. John Fisher College, but he is also one of the most supportive young players in the USA, who has taken advantage of his image to help the most disadvantaged. And many of the experts rave about how far it could go.

As with all great stories, it all started by chance. In the third division game in New York, which pitted his team against Buffalo, ‘Big Cozy’, as he is nicknamed, went on the attack after serving from the baseline. In the blockade attempt to free his base, in a bad support, he ended up falling to the ground in a spectacular way…but no one expected what happened next. Still sore in the ankle after what happened, he got up, asked for the ball and, with great vision of the game, put in a spectacular inside pass to his partner to finish the play with a mate that made his entire bench rise. An example of how it is in your life.

And it is that Connor Williams, despite the fact that physically does not fit into the traditional athlete canon, he always knew that sport was his thing. First he tried it in American football, where his profile fit much more, but it was not an activity that fulfilled him. For that reason, he decided to forget the complexes and what they will say to join the St. John Fisher College basketball team… and he was completely right. At just 19 years old, he has become the great emblem of your team and a good part of the university experts assure that he has many qualities to succeed: good hand, great vision of the game and, above all, a great attitude.

From that viral image, many users have decided to find out more about the player, searching for his actions on social networks… and they have been pleasantly surprised: there are hundreds of videos of ‘Big Cozy’ and you can see that it is about a very complete pivot. He manages very well in the area, taking advantage of his size and his agility in close combat but, in addition, he is a player who understands the game very well and has a very good hand. Both from medium distance and from the triple, his scoring ability is really important: He has a great hand and is capable of playing melee or from the line of three.

But, in addition, Connor Williams is one of those players who are much more than what they show on the track. ‘Big Cozy’ has been able to perfectly understand what it represents and has decided to help the most disadvantaged: it has released a line of solidarity t-shirts of which he allocates five dollars each to various local associations whose purpose is none other than to give resources to the most disadvantaged families who do not have the means to help their youngsters get into the world of sports. ‘Big Cozy’ could never imagine that a viral fall would make him one of the players to watch in North American college basketball.

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