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If you have just changed your mobile and have acquired one compatible with 5G networks, it may be that, being a more or less new technology, you are not very clear about how you can get the most out of it. Don’t worry, we’re going to show you some very interesting ideas.

It is more than clear that the main advantage of this new connection system is speed if we compare it with 4G, the standard that still dominates in most of the Spanish territory.

This implies that we are going to have much faster downloads and uploads, as well as a much lower latency, which means that the data will go much faster from our smartphone to the nearest antenna,

In order to enjoy 5G, we must not only have a terminal that is compatible with this network, but our telephone service provider must also offer it and, above all, that in the area where we live we have sufficient coverage to be able to work without problems.

If all of the above is true, then we will be able to get the most out of our new connection. Let’s see how.

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Much faster access points

Something that can get a lot out of our 5G terminal is when we put it as Access point for other terminals.

It may happen that we have moved house and have not yet installed broadband, but we depend on the Internet, either because we telecommute or because we urgently need to send some documents.

Well, our smartphone, both Android and iOS, they will be able to become an Internet access point, that is, in a router that emits a signal so that other devices can access the network.

This will mean that the speed at which those devices connected to our phone will be able to work will be the same as what we achieve by connecting to the 5G network.

In the latest versions of pure Android and customization layers that are on the market right now, the phone can be placed as an Access Point by simply pressing a button on the quick access bar, after configuration, especially the password to be able to to access.

Best video chats

Another reason why we can get the most out of 5G is thanks to video calls. Applications such as FaceTime, Google Duo, Zoom or Skype will clearly benefit, since the video calls should be much better.

They will be much clearer, with hardly any cuts, without any downtime and above all with a much higher visual quality than the current one, although as you will understand, all this will depend on the coverage.

Even some applications, such as Zoom, have an option in the settings menu to activate HD (high definition) video so the image quality will be higher, helped, of course, by the high speed of data transmission and the very low latency.

Enjoy more of online games

The low latency level that they have the 5G networks have made playing online multiplayer games a vastly improved experience with vastly improved realism.

In other words, playing PUGB or Fortnite on 5G networks means that the moment we do something on our smartphone, shoot our weapon for example, the other person will receive this information and see it much faster than before, something which is essential for these types of games.

But not everything stops there, because thanks to the speed experienced by this network, we will be able to enjoy much better definitive games and for which we will not have to wait for practically anything every time we receive an update or have to incorporate some type of parameter.

This will mean for the future that games will be better, more realistic and powerful, favored by the load capacity of 5G and by such a small latency that performing any type of task at the moment will be sublime.

faster downloads

With 5G we will also benefit from downloads in terms of streaming video systems such as Netflix, since we will be able to download movies, series or documentaries that we want so quickly, that it will even be advisable to download them and thus be able to see them whenever we want, without depending on the coverage.

Another good example could be Spotify or Deezer, two systems through which, if we are Premium, we can download all the songs on our smartphone and listen to them at any time of the day or night.

It may be that with 4G it would be more difficult to download movies and I will not tell you if the resolution of said video is very high.


If you use the cloud to save photos, contacts, documents or anything else, 5G will help you in a very clear way, since the synchronization speed that you are going to achieve is much higher than what we had with 4G.

In this way we will not need to wait for minutes for it to save each photo, video or document, since it will do it so quickly that even can get close to real time, that is, as soon as we take the photo and it is saved on the smartphone, the cloud is already receiving its corresponding copy.

We will no longer have to store large amounts of photos, videos or documents on the smartphone, because we will be sure that they have been immediately saved in the cloud, which means that we already have them in a safe place.

How did you read the 5G brings great advantages And to make the most of it, we only have to perform tasks that we do every day, such as taking photos, downloading videos, playing video games, making video calls or using streaming services, to give you a few examples.

Not only the high speed that is achieved is the great protagonist, since the latency (much lower than in 4G) is another of the parameters in which this new wireless network connection system makes the difference.

It is clear that everything that has to do with the connection of our smartphone with 5G networks is an advance and a significant leap, maybe not in customs, that is, we are not going to do anything new, but we are going to execute the same tasks in such a fast way that it will seem that we are executing something totally different.

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