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It is not a harangue affiliated with the most hooligan surrealism like the one repeated by the unforgettable Marx Brothers when they wandered through the West and which assured: “More wood, it’s war.” No, it is the real motto that the PP has just invented to encourage its voters regarding the statements about certain meat that a minister of I don’t know what subject has made. It goes like this: “More livestock, less communism.” And flip. But the inventor of such nonsense must charge a lot for his conscientious and epic work.

And I relate that immense bullshit with the public or private sentences that the protagonist of the series proclaims Vote John (HBOMax). I began to watch it with some reluctance, wondering what the hell I was doing following the career of an unspeakable Minister of Agriculture. He is petty, a liar, a loud mouth, useless, cunning, pathetic, grotesque, cruel, a cheat. He has spent his entire expendable existence living off the same business, he is an idiot, but he stays active thanks to the caroms, surrounded by a team of advisers who know about his golf but are convinced that if the common ship sinks they will drown anyway.

You feel embarrassed about the personality and behavior of its protagonist. Are Diego San José and Juan Cavestany, creators of this powerful imbecile, exaggerating in the caricature? I’m not clear. Because when I observe and listen to a large part of the political class, I deduce that what counts Vote John it is not fiction, but a fearsome photograph of today. Juan is unmistakably Spanish. Although the expressive and moral appearance of this seedy man from Logroño is shared by guys like Boris Johnson, that cynical deceiver educated in Oxford. And it is very likely that both survive continuously in the repugnant scaffolding of public affairs. And if this is not the case, private companies await them with open arms.

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