Sánchez asks the opposition to abandon its "denialist position" and support labor reform

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, commented this Saturday that, despite being aware that he is crying “in the desert”, he would like to ask the right that, “even for one day, abandon its denialist position and put the interest general supporting a good labor reform for our country”.

This was indicated during his speech at a party act held in Granada together with the leader of the Andalusian Socialists, Juan Espadas, to whom he showed his support and where he stated that “you have the whole party behind you to achieve the change that Andalusia wants and needs ”.

During his speech, the President of the Government pointed out that “it is curious” how the right “refuses to support a good reform of the country”, which “is about responding to the two main evils, which is job insecurity and promoting employment contracts. training too”, which “has been agreed by the social agents”.

Sánchez regretted having to face a “negative opposition” that “was not in the bad of the pandemic, nor are they in the good with the management of European funds”, for which he criticized that “the right shows that political denialism exists , which is the one practiced by the Popular Party in Spain”.

Sánchez vindicates “good politics”

The President of the Government wanted to vindicate “good politics, the politics of truth and rigor as opposed to that of insult and tension, as we see many days”. Sánchez added that good politics is “learning from mistakes and drawing lessons for the future.” For this reason, he assured that, “from the pandemic, we can conclude that there will never again be cuts in the welfare state.”

In this sense, he stressed that “the lesson of this pandemic is that we need to grow to distribute and to distribute we have to grow. “That is social democracy” and a political project that has focused its work on a verb, “the verb to grow”.

The President of the Government lamented that “we have a denialist opposition in front of us” that “was not in the bad part of the pandemic, nor were they in the good part, nor in the management of European funds.” For this reason, he stressed that “the right shows that political denialism exists, which is what the Popular Party practices in Spain.”

Sánchez claimed that there has not been “not a minute” in which there has not been work “for the dignity” of the Spaniards, “making politics a useful element away from the corruption, tension and confrontation carried out by the right ”.

The President of the Government commented that “you have to be patient with the right” because “they are terrible at being in the opposition and losing elections”. In this sense, he remarked “I am not going to let myself be dragged into the insult, into the tension to which the Spanish right wants to lead us”.

Finally, he affirmed that the right and the extreme right “demonstrate their resignation, their sadness and the bankruptcy of their political project” in the face of “overcoming, growth and transformation and, therefore, the future of our country of the PSOE project.”

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