Piletazos of relief
Splashes and sun. Pirouettes towards the water and people sunbathing were some of the postcards of yesterday’s hot afternoon at the campsites.

“The heat does not give us respite and we have two options to spend it in a dignified way. We lock ourselves in with the air conditioning or we come to the pool, and today we choose to come to the campsite. We are tired of being locked up in the house,” said Luana Mallea , a woman who yesterday enjoyed much of the afternoon at the Richet Zapata campsite, in Santa Lucía. Like her, many sanjuaninos took advantage of a new day of the infernal heat wave to walk in different spas in the province.

The heat wave does not let up and the people of San Juan who do not have the possibility of traveling to the beach chose to face the high temperature by taking dips. That is why yesterday some campsites and spas received many visitors. From these institutions they said that yesterday was the day that had less movement of people, but that throughout the week the pools were the refuge of many people from San Juan who sought to cool off and spend the heat outdoors and with accessible water.

In the shadow. In the shady sectors there were families who played cards or board games.

Although most of the visitors flocked to the pools after lunch, especially after 4:00 p.m., because they said that beforehand it becomes “impossible” to stand the sun, there were many who arrived mid-morning to have fun throughout the day. “We arrived before 12 o’clock, we had lunch in the shade and then we spent the whole afternoon in the water. The children love to spend their vacations like this,” said Paola Paz, who with her family was at the Las Viñas spa.

With help. The little ones also enjoyed the water. Some, with floats and assistance from their parents.

Inside the water, inflatables, floats and lots of laughter were some of the postcards that could be seen yesterday. It is that most of the people came as a family to enjoy the hot day, in which the thermometer at times touched 40ºC.

“We have been coming to this campsite every summer for many years, but this week we felt that it was too hot to be outdoors and we left. But today we said “let’s rest the air conditioners and go to the pool”. And the truth is that she has a great time, because we get involved and that refreshes us a lot,” said Rita Bastías, while playing cards with her two children.

In family. Inside the water, the families enjoyed the day. Games with the children and lots of swimming were some of the favorite activities.

Although the swimming pools are the great refuge to pass the heat, the shady places were other of the most desired corners within the campsites. However, the sun also attracted many people. “We filled the children with sunscreen and even put caps on them, but we took the opportunity to sunbathe. I’m on vacation and I don’t like spending the days locked up at home. There’s no way to come to the pool and enjoy it,” added Flavia Torres , who also visited Las Viñas. While other moms commented that when it is so hot, sunscreen and bottles with very cool water are two things that cannot be forgotten, to be calm and enjoy the heat.



“We didn’t want to come too early because of the sun, but the truth is that being in the pool refreshes a lot and makes the day go from unbearable to beautiful.”


“I love coming to the pool every afternoon. We always come with a group of friends. We take advantage of the water, the sun, the talks and drinking mate.”


“I have been a member of the Richet Zapata campsite for 30 years and there is no summer that does not come. For me, the best way to spend very hot days is in the water.”

  • Monday comes relief

For a week, San Juan and a large part of the country have been the epicenter of a heat wave, which caused the maximum and minimum temperatures to be high. However, this phenomenon is close to coming to an end. According to data from the National Weather Service, this would happen next Monday.

This heat wave reached its peak last Tuesday, when the maximum reached 44ºC, which made San Juan one of the hottest cities in the country. In this context, the SMN predicts that tomorrow the maximum will drop to 35ºC, but says that the real relief will come on Monday. That day the minimum will drop to 18ºC, while the maximum will be 31ºC.

That day, at night the South will arrive, which will have gusts of up to 59 km/h. And on Tuesday, the wind will continue to blow throughout the day, so the thermometer will move between 12 and 20ºC.

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