Once again the fatal combo of suffocating weather and problems with services

In 54 and 25, where there were outages, Edelap installed a generation equipment / demian alday

To the sound of the escalation in the thermometer, the electricity went out yesterday in the most diverse points of the Region and many Edelap users shouted to the sky, precisely on the day of the most extreme maximum temperatures of this entire heat wave that registered in the entire country. For hours and hours, while the air in the atmosphere seemed to burn the skin, in many homes and businesses it was not possible to turn on air conditioning equipment or fans. In some areas, where the water supply is closely tied to electricity, families were also unable to cool off with the taps. From the borrower it was explained that the interruptions, product of the high temperatures, were “only punctual” and that they were “attended by the company’s personnel on the day”.

The complaints of the affected users – multiplied in quantities – were heard from the Hippodrome neighborhood, Los Hornos, Gonnet, Hernández, Gorina, City Bell and Villa Elisa. That was the picture that was presented from noon until the end of the afternoon. With the start of the night, other claims were made known in this newspaper, already from the areas of Plaza España, 7 and 72, Castelli Park, the neighborhood adjoining the Italian Hospital and the areas of 62 between 27 and 28 and 7 and 69.

In the Barrio Hipódromo sector, specifically in the area of ​​34 and 120, the service was interrupted at 1:40 p.m., according to local residents who, having lost power at that time, when the sun was already pressing down and it was difficult to find relief, they sensed what that awaited them for the rest of the day: and it was so because the energy took a few hours to normalize.

For intermittent cuts they protested first in 54 and 25, because from mid-morning until past noon the light came and went. Finally, after two hours of wavering tension, the service was cut off. In that area, Edelap installed an electric generator to supply power to the families affected by the failure, but, according to the same users, the equipment was not enough and they still spent long hours without being able to turn on any domestic appliance.

In Cantilo almost closed stores

The “wave” of power cuts altered the daily life of hundreds of families and merchants in the northern part of the City, as in Gorina, Hernández, Gonnet, City Bell and Villa Elisa. Specifically, at 27 between 488 and 489 -Gonnet- Edelap users began to worry about the low voltage that was noticed in the light and that could damage electrical appliances. “Two hours after we realized that, the power was directly cut off,” said a neighbor.

The prolonged power outage in the City Bell shopping center was experienced with great alarm; that is, on Cantilo Street and its surroundings, where clothing stores and many gastronomic establishments share activity. “In the midst of this heat, this is inhumane,” said the owner of a business who, faced with uncertainty due to the lack of light, even thought about the possibility of closing several hours earlier than usual.

It was indicated that Edelap crews would intervene until dawn on the service network

The electricity distributor reported at 3:50 p.m. that work was being done on different networks in those towns and that for this reason the home connection was going to be suspended until 6:00 p.m., when the service began to gradually return to normal.

On top of that, what was not caused by the weather was caused by a truck on 66 and 155. The large vehicle passed by there, cut a line and left several families without power.

“In the context of the day with the highest temperature of the extreme heat wave that has hit the region for a few days, only specific interruptions of the service are recorded that are being attended by the company’s personnel on the day,” sources responded. Edelap before the consultation of EL DIA.

At night, other cuts

When the interruptions of the day had already been overcome, as was said, the service began to suffer in different points of the urban area of ​​the City.

Thus, they communicated with this newspaper restless neighbors to remain in the dark in the neighborhood of the Italian Hospital, the zones of 62 between 27 and 28, 7 and 72, and 7 and 69, Plaza España, Los Hornos and Castelli Park.

In that case, the sources of the electrical operator indicated that maneuvers were being carried out “that can be perceived as brief service interruptions” and that these tasks were carried out “in order to provide power to users.” They also anticipated, at the close of this edition, that the company’s technical crews were going to intervene in the facilities “during the night and at dawn”.

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