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The Catalan independence movement has been harassing students and families who ask for classes to be taught in Spanish in schools for years. Two mothers tell Cake Minuesa how is their day to day being harassed by the separatists for asking that their children also be educated in the common language of the Spanish. «This is book apartheid» The “my daughter is prescribed diazepam” are some of these testimonials.

One of these mothers is Cuca Santos, which is part of one of the families that the Supreme Court ruled in 2010 in their constitutional right for their children to also receive classes in Spanish at their schools. The other testimony is Carmen Yepes, who had to report a classmate of her daughter and her mother for harassment.

«The problems start when I put my daughter in school and I see that 100% of the classes are in Catalan, without a single hour in Spanish. The moment you get out of the lane marked out by Catalan nationalism, you are an outlaw here. You are a settler, you are a castellanufo…” Cuca Santos denounces in her testimony.

Since then, this mother has received threats, insults and harassment from Catalan separatists. «As soon as I began to demand the teaching of Spanish to my daughter, I became the weirdo of the school and the harassment, the insults and even the demonstrations began at the gates of the school where I picked up my daughter. I have even received death threats on Twitter, to say ‘I fixed this with a good shotgun with a telescopic sight’, for example,” he says.

Santos also recounts the “solution” that the Generalitat’s Ministry of Education gave him. «The solution they give me is what they call personalized attention. That it was that in my daughter’s class everything was taught in Catalan, and what my daughter did not understand was explained to her in Spanish separately, lest other children hear her speak in Spanish, as if she were a person with a type of learning disability. . This is book apartheid, it is supremacism, it is Nazism… they are Nazis”, she explains about the students and the Catalan.

“They said my daughter was a slut”

Carmen Yepes tells how her daughter has suffered bullying from the age of five and that, even with only seven, “they spread a rumor that my daughter was a slut”.

«she has suffered bullying from the age of five. They have separated her, they have beaten her, her own companions have insulted her. That part affects me because in the neighborhood where I live they are very CUP and they even threaten me in my job. 90% of the school does not speak to me, “says Yepes.

His daughter has been receiving treatment for four years, «with diazepam 5 for when you have panic attacks». “She continues to be harassed, but she has three friends and she doesn’t want to leave school. His reason is ‘why do I have to go?’ I have even thought about leaving Catalonia, but if I take her out of school, they win. And my daughter does not want them to win, “he admits.

It also narrates how a teacher called her daughter’s attention for do not speak Catalan in the courtyard from college. “This teacher once gave her a two-page note because she didn’t speak Catalan in the playground. And there I said ‘I consider that in the courtyard they have half an hour free and they are free to talk as they please, and you are nobody to address my daughter and tell her that she has to speak in Catalan in the courtyard’» , recalls Carmen Yepes.

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