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  • The micro bob is a variant of the bob haircut whose length reaches a measurement located between the ear and the jaw.

  • This haircut helps to balance the features, lengthen the neck and rejuvenate the face

The microbob It is a variant of the bob haircut whose length reaches a measure located between the ear and the jaw that helps to stylize round faces and at the same time provides horizontality to sharp faces, helping to balance the features, lengthen the neck and rejuvenate the face.

Despite all its virtues, it is a haircut risky with which not many women dare, although this season has found faithful followers among familiar faces from all areas: actresses as Michelle Jenner, Mariana di Girolamo or Emma Corrin, Models like Meadow Walker, Freja Beha, Jia or Taylor Lashae, influencers like Marta Cygan or plastic artists as Katharina Kaminski.

There are many factors to consider to choose the microbob cut that best suits your face: the long hair, if you want a cut straight or stepped, whether or not you want to bring some covers and, finally, if you bet on combining it with fringe. If you decide on this cut, here we give you the keys to get it right with the one that suits you best.

How is the microbob cut

The bob It is a haircut whose length usually reaches the jaw. When the cut is longer it is called long bob and can reach the shoulder. If the measure is shorter, it is called microbob and is delimited between the jaw and the ear.

Can be worn with hair straight or curly, with or without any covers and even combined with a fringeBut what really defines this haircut is its association with the modern woman. Its origin dates back to the First World War, although it was in the 1920s that it became the liberated woman haircut.

Comfortable, sparkly and easy to handle, the microbob also manages to transform the style of those who wear it by providing many doses of sophistication and this season it is again a serious trend.

Which microbob looks good on you?

The microbob is a cut much more versatile than it seems at first and can be adapted to favor all types of faces. If you face is elongated, opt for a very short microbob without layers, so that it takes volume horizontally and helps balance the features. If you face is round or square, the ideal is a microbob that almost touches the jaw and staggered from back to front.

The option of combine this haircut with bangs favors if you go for a length beyond the earlobe and a thin bangs above the eyebrows, although you can choose one paraded to soften the features.

Short microbob with fine hair

For those who have the fine hair, the ideal is to opt for cuts with many layers that provide movement and volume to the hair. If you’re going for a microbob, be sure to layer both the crown, so that the root rises, as in the tips, to give it movement.

Microbob cut on thick straight hair

If you have the Thick hair and it is not necessary to add more volume, go for a straight cut or paraded from back to front, in this way you get the hair to weigh more and fall in the form of a curtain without opening to the sides. Can straighten or shape the ends drying them with a round brush in or out.

Microbob cut on wavy hair

The microbob with wavy hair It is a cut with a lot of personality. you can take it with stripe in the center or use it aside if you are looking to replicate the style of the principles of the bob cut and the waves that were made with tongs. If you have wavy hair cutting must be very precise because the shorter you wear it, the more it will tend to shrink.

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