Klitschko unzufrieden mit Berlin – Wo bleiben deutsche Waffen für die Ukraine?

15 Jan. 2022 11:00 o’clock

At the end of a week of East-West security policy summit talks, Vitali Klitschko came forward with criticism of Berlin’s foreign policy. The former boxer calls for German defensive weapons for Ukraine against an alleged Russian threat.

The first exploratory talks between the US and Russia on a range of security issues ended this week. Both sides describe the outcome of their talks in muted tones. Western media occasionally draw parallels between the current situation and the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. There is speculation that Russia could deploy military units in Venezuela or Cuba to put pressure on the US over the Ukraine issue.

The Ukraine Crisis – A Catalyst for the Formation of a New German Foreign Policy

German restraint?

Now the mayor of Kiev, the former boxer Vitali Klitschko, who came to his post in the course of the 2013/14 Ukrainian coup, has sharply criticized German policy towards his country in an interview with the image-Voiced to newspaper.

Klitschko expressed his displeasure that Berlin has so far refused to supply Kiev with “defensive weapons”. Klitschko can only imagine the following reason for this: “… for fear of being able to provoke Putin further. This position is difficult to understand.”

Angered by Germany’s relative reluctance, Klitschko slipped out that Western arms deliveries to Ukraine must be seen by Russia as a provocation – and provocations have already taken place, otherwise the “continue to provoke” wouldn’t make any sense. The fact that the United States and Russia are discussing European security issues bilaterally – that is, over the heads of the Ukrainians, but not just theirs – seems “like a slap in the face”. And the mayor continued:

“We are very concerned about further Russian aggression against our country and have been discussing war and peace for months, but Ukraine is not at the table of international negotiations. How can that be?”

“Aggressive Russia”

“More Russian aggression”? In this interview, Klitschko accused Russia of harboring aggressive intentions against Ukraine, as has long been customary in the West:

“The Russian government, Russian President Vladimir Putin, exploits every weakness in the West.”

In case of "Russian invasion": Klitschko plans territorial defense system for KievIn case of "Russian invasion": Klitschko plans territorial defense system for Kiev

You can’t fight against heavily armed forces “with pillows,” said Klitschko. If that were the case, then, if one follows the Springerblatt, this would also be due to Berlin politics: Because quoted with noticeable reserve image two votes from the SPD. The largest ruling party would deal with the perceived Russian threat differently than necessary.

SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert even demanded that one should “not talk about potential international conflicts” just to “damage the controversial Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2”. And SPD faction leader Rolf Mützenich have in the taz stated: “In the future, we need a European peace order that includes Russia.”

Klitschko, on the other hand, continues to rely on well-known anti-Russian Cold War clichés and repeats claims that Putin is seeking to restore the Soviet Union. According to the former professional boxer, after Ukraine’s alleged submission to Russian rule, the next thing in jeopardy would be the very existence of the Baltic states.

Putin and the “Soviet Empire”

But even then, the Russian president would allegedly not stop. Because Putin is concerned not only with restoring the Soviet Union, but also the former “Soviet empire,” the fall of which he regretted. As a result, the Germans should also be worried, because the GDR also belonged to the Soviet sphere of influence:

“If the US and Europe allow Putin to attack Ukraine, he will not stop at Ukraine. Then Putin will turn his attention to the Baltic states. And if he talks about his desire to return the Soviet empire, then that will also close them former GDR. Therefore, the threat of war against Ukraine should alarm every German. After all, Putin never hid that he saw the collapse of the USSR as a political tragedy for Russia.”

According to Klitschko, Ukraine must defend its existence against Russia.

The mayor of Kiev has long-standing connections to Germany and was sponsored by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, among others, and was actually destined for higher things in Berlin/Brussels 2014, but at the time he was not given a chance.

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