Copying data from one folder to another on Mac can take a long time. It will always depend on the amount of data and the speed of the support in which we are acting, but in any case it is always good to know that, if we need it, we can pause the copy to resume it at another time. Let’s see how.

A copy process that remembers the work done when paused

This is one more of the many small innovations that macOS 12 Monterey has brought us. Until now if we needed to stop a file copy, for whatever reason, instead of restarting it we had to start it again from scratch. Now, however, the system is capable of remember where you were in the copy and resume the process From there.

Pausing and resuming a file copy is as simple as it gets. First of all, we need to have a working copy, one that we can start by pressing Command (⌘) + C in one folder and then Command (⌘) + V in another. To pause copying we simply have to cancel it in the small window where we see the process Of the same.

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By doing this we will see that, in the destination folder, the folder or file that we were pasting appears in a shaded way. A button with a circular arrow will appear next to the folder name. A touch on it, or a double click to open the folder or document, will present us with a message explaining that the copy of the element has been paused and that we can tap on finish copy to continue with the process or Save Partial Copy to be able to resume later.

A complete backup of the Mac in just two seconds, this allows us the snapshots of APFS partitions

Thanks to this system we can interrupt copies that are taking more time than we have, for example, with the peace of mind that the work already done will be maintained. Thus, when we want to finish copying the files, we will simply touch finish copy for the process to complete. Useful, right?

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