Chef der Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung: "Impfpflicht macht medizinisch keinen Sinn"

15 Jan. 2022 07:55

The head of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), Andreas Gassen, asks questions about the current corona policy. The debate about compulsory vaccination is superfluous because of Omikron. “Logically,” the majority of politicians “would have no medical expertise.”

As part of an interview on the video podcast 19 – the chief visit the head of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), Andreas Gassen, answered questions on January 13 about the current situation of the corona crisis in Germany. The interview was conducted by the head of the Essen University Hospital, Professor Jochen A. Werner, together with the publicist Jens de Buhr.

All three participants were of the opinion that the omicron variant had “easier courses” than the previous delta variant of the corona virus. Despite this “positive effect”, however, a “rush” to family doctor practices could be imminent. According to Gassen, the increase in the number of infections in Germany compared to other countries such as England, Italy and France could be described as “almost moderate”. Discovered omicron infections are very often an “incidental finding”, since the courses often “would not be noticeable at all” or “the typical cold” predominates.

Does Federal Health Minister Lauterbach actually read the studies he tweets about?

If the Omicron variant turned out to be the “game changer” that virologists are currently talking about, and if this would ease the occupancy of intensive care beds, a higher burden on outpatient practices can be expected. This could then be seen as a “way out of the pandemic”. Due to a “high number of unreported cases” there are only few findings to prove the number of omicron infections in the unvaccinated and “vaccinated-boosted”. Young people “probably” wouldn’t notice much of it, because “frankly, they didn’t notice much about Delta either.” In the overall view, however, a “fuzziness” with regard to the effects of an omicron infection prevails.

In view of the current social situation, politics, science and the media should “semantically disarm”. Gassen related this to references to the “Pictures of Bergamo”. It is “important” for him that virologists point out that “we are in a new world” – based on the now known numbers “of lower disease progression, lower death rates”. In discussions, “the flu-like” should be emphasized more. Politicians are therefore already required to draw up a “timetable to allow more freedom”:

“The perspective has to be … at some point, when will it be like it used to be?”

Lafontaine on the mandatory vaccination debate: "People notice that something is wrong"Lafontaine on the mandatory vaccination debate: "People notice that something is wrong"

He also had the impression that, “putting it somewhat flippantly”, people who had previously refused vaccination would not “let a veterinarian give them” either. He is glad that his children are already grown. If he had a child between the ages of five and twelve, he would not have it vaccinated at the moment. Especially with the knowledge of milder courses in infections of children with the delta or omicron variant. Inflammation of the heart muscle as a potential side effect of a vaccination is “no fun, even if it is reversible”.

At the end of the conversation, the moderator wanted to know from Andreas Gassen whether the discussion about compulsory vaccination had long been unnecessary: ​​”Isn’t that all obsolete?” Gassen then describes how he sat in a committee with Minister of Health Lauterbach at the end of 2021.

This would have “explained to him very clearly and comprehensibly, and that was before Christmas, that compulsory vaccination makes no sense from an epidemiological point of view”.

He justified this with the impossibility of “virus eradication” (the eradication of the virus). Neither herd immunity nor individual protection would help against infections with the virus. Now, under a modified virus variant that “is much less dangerous” and with the knowledge that “the vaccinated people have no protection against infection”, compulsory vaccination “makes no medical sense” for Gassen. The “framework data” even speak against compulsory vaccination, especially since the vaccination rate is “not that bad at all”. If there is no more dangerous variant than Omikron, the topic of Corona will be “finished in early summer,” Gassen said at the end of the conversation.

“Logically” most of the politicians would have no medical expertise. Therefore, he could not understand that not a single doctor was involved in a discussion round of the Federal President with “opponents of vaccination” on the subject of “vaccine skepticism” this week. That would have “knocked him out of his shoes,” but it shows “the ignorance of politicians,” Gassen concluded.

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