Formula 1: Star pilot pulls blank – fans can't believe it: "What the hell?"

Formula 1: Star pilot pulls blank – fans can’t believe it: “What the hell?”

Formula 1: These are all drivers of the 2022 season

Formula 1: These are all drivers of the 2022 season

The 2022 Formula 1 season not only features new cars, but also new drivers. We introduce you to all the teams and drivers of the new season.

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The season in the formula 1 has been over for just over a month and the pilots are resting on their vacation after these tiring races.

Many stars take it easy, spend time with family and loved ones. Valtteri Bottas is also taking a break after a tough racing season and is currently in Australia. With a nude photo he leaves many fans of the formula 1 freak out.

Formula 1: Star pulls blank – fans can’t believe it

Valtteri Bottas publishes many photos and videos from his vacation on Instagram. Often there are pictures of the respective countries where Formula 1 is currently stopping, sometimes there are pictures from his private life.


Formula 1 | Drivers and teams 2022

  • Mercedes: Hamilton/Russell
  • Red Bull: Verstappen/Perez
  • McLaren: Norris/Ricciardo
  • Aston Martin: Vettel/Stroll
  • Alpine: Alonso/Ocon
  • Ferrari: Leclerc/Sainz
  • Alpha Tauri: Gasly
  • Alfa Romeo: Bottas/Zhou
  • Haas: Mazepin/Schumacher
  • Williams: Latifi/Albon


In his Instagram story, too, he lets his almost three million followers know what he is doing and doing. But one story made many big eyes.

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It starts out harmless: The Finn shows beautiful photos of Australian nature. In the jungle, on the beach or in the metropolis of Sydney. Then follows a photo of the beach. Bottas can be seen doing a handstand naked. His cock is covered in a sun emoji.

Formula 1: “What the hell was I just looking at?”

The photo is booming on social networks and many Formula 1 fans can’t believe what they just saw.


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The picture has also been posted on Twitter. “What the hell was I just looking at?”, “I haven’t heard anything from Valtteri for a long time and then I suddenly see THAT” and “I don’t think anyone who has left Mercedes has been so liberated,” they say, among other things in the comments.

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Many comments are also based on the fact that Bottas has finally freed himself from Mercedes, where he was usually only the second driver behind Lewis Hamilton. From time to time, the Finn even had to give up the lead to Hamilton on the orders of the team boss so that he could score the many points in the fight for the championship.


We rounded up more reactions to Bottas’ nude photo:

  • “Valtteri must be stopped.”
  • “Someone is really enjoying their departure from Mercedes.”
  • “Oh shit…”
  • “When you finally get out of a toxic relationship and you’re free.”
  • “Anyone know what’s behind the sun?”


Bottas is switching to Alfa Romeo for the new season. The Finn will start there together with the rookie Zhou Guanyu. (oa)

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