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When we want or are forced by circumstances to work from home, we always tend to think that everything is great and that it will be a satisfying experience.

And it can be, but it can also lead to unproductiveness that ends up causing us problems, so it is better to take action from the beginning and create the best environment to work.

With the advice that we are going to give you, you should not have any type of problem. so that the space is the most suitable for your home office and thus be the same or more productive than when you were in a classic work area.

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fully defined space

The first thing we must do is establish a place like the one we are going to use to work every day.

One place where you feel comfortable, no matter what room it’s in, as long as you have privacy so you can focus on what you have to do.

The goal is to find a space that is as isolated from the vital areas of the house to have a point where you can concentrate.

This will also help us to start producing a routine, that is, we know that this area is solely and exclusively for working, so we should not use it for anything else.

Avoid transit area

The site we have to choose should not be a transit area, that is, it is preferable that it be at a point at the end of the house, where you do not have to pass to go to other areas of it.

For example, a room in the center of the home could be counterproductive, since, to go to the rooms at the back, the other occupants of the home will have to pass by making noise or talking, which can distract us and even annoy us.

The best is that don’t be in the transit area and that it is unlikely to listen to the other people who live with us, another thing that at certain times may be inevitable, after all, we are living with more people.

If you are going to buy food online, you should know that the delivery conditions are changing in recent days in many supermarkets.

Dividers: can be a good idea

If you can have a room to be your office, it is clearly the best option, but if it cannot be, you can choose to distribute it.

This means that if, for example, we have to use a bedroom to also put the office, it may be smart to separate both spaces within the same room.

could you put some kind of physical divider that makes both spaces different and do not mix.

In this delimiting spaces, it could also be a good idea to put some kind of sign at the door to indicate to the rest of the occupants of the home that work is being done or some special action is being carried out, such as a meeting or recording a video.

lighting is paramount

It is clear that a workspace must have good lighting if it is to be natural, but this is something that cannot always be achieved, so lamps and accessories of this type will also be of great help.

It is best to have an input of large and close natural light, since there is no kind of clarity like the one that gives a good day of shining sun.

For those days when there is no good light outside or because it has been dark, we must have sufficient lighting so as not to suffer from eyestrain, headaches or visual fatigue, symptoms that are common when the light is scarce and we continue working.

We can use table lamps, LED bars for above the monitor or ceiling lights that have enough power to illuminate the room with ease.

have what it takes

As usual, we must have a workplace adapted to all our needs and that does not only refer to the situation or lighting only, but also everything around us And what are we going to use?

As is normal the computer equipment, screen or keyboard must be specific to help us spend so many hours working, but there are other components that we should also give it the importance it deserves.

For example, a good chair will make everything lighter, especially in the long run, a table that fits everything we need, a good keyboard and mouse pad, etc.

All of this is something that will make a big difference in having a comfortable, pleasant and, above all, stable space in the long term, from one where pain, discomfort and discomfort begin to appear shortly after using it.

Working from home is a good work-life balance measure, but it can also become an ordeal if you don’t know the right tools.

colors to inspire

Something that we can be grateful for is the fact of having a certain color on the table where we are going to work so that everything is not monotonous, since, according to experts, that makes our subconscious feel more comfortable.

Many psychologists advise incorporating some colors such as white, beige or green, which are known for their calming effects, plus some slightly brighter color to create a nice and spacious environment, although without going overboard, because excess is as bad as defect.

plants can help

Following the advice given by various psychologists, plants can be something that also helps us, since give life and freshness to the work area.

There is talk of cactus or ivy as two of the ones that best adapt to this type of space due to their properties and their shapes, which can help make the room more calm, as well as giving a distinctive touch.

some personal touch

But in addition to everything that we have told you, it is always something really interesting that in the design of where we will work we have something to do about us ourselves or that inspires us.

You can hang some framed inspirational quotes to motivate yourself, set up a sound system to play music in the background, some photos of a loved one, something that means a lot to you that you want to see, or anything of the sort.

The order is very important

Something that always helps a lot is to have our workspace as computerized as possible, since that conveys calm, helps concentration and does not generate unnecessary distractions.

We can invest in storage solutions for the home office space, such as pen holders, paper trays, shelves, boxes or filing cabinets, among other things.

But not only the order must be on the desk, otherwise also in what is our computer, since, with everything organized, our time will be more productive and all our work will come out in a better way.

Everything we have told you is to ensure that, now that you are going to telework or if you have been doing it for a long time, you achieve the greatest possible productivity capacity and you can continue working from your own home, something that has many advantages and that those of us who can must take care of do it.

If your boss has doubts about whether it is the best system for you, applying everything we have just told you and your willpower, you will show him that it is not only the best for you, but also the best for the company.

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