"You know how it is...": Carmen Borrego gets wet about the signing of Terelu for 'Sálvame'

Mediaset España announced it through its social network accounts this Friday, January 14, but ‘Sálvame’ has rushed to the end of its broadcast to tell Telecinco viewers about it. Terelu Campos and María Patiño, after past disagreements, will have to understand each other yes or yes on Monday, January 17, at around 4:00 p.m., in front of ‘Sálvame Lemon Tea’, the new section in the purest ‘Here’s a tomato’ style with which the program aims to overcome the audience crisis it has been suffering since this summer.

“If we are going to work together, I don’t want grudges, eh?” Patiño warned in the promotion that has launched the format of La Fábrica de la Tele at the edge of 8:00 p.m. Right after, the two signed this curious entente, bringing out the enormous list of issues that had caused this old discomfort. “We have no choice but to understand each other”, affirmed the presenter of ‘Socialité’.

Patiño, to Terelu: “We have no choice but to understand each other”

“It’s better for us, because, as of Monday, we take charge of ‘Sálvame Lemon Tea’ and we will start messing it up and dealing with something that everyone will talk about next week,” said María Teresa’s daughter. You have to go back to 2014 to clarify the reason for the dispute between the two, when María took over Campos’ position as substitute host of ‘Sábado Deluxe’ (then ‘Sálvame Deluxe’).

María Patiño and Terelu will present ‘Sálvame Lemon Tea’. (Mediaset Spain)

To give ‘life’ to this decision of the organization of the evening ‘show’, the editor Germán González has appeared on the set disguised as a teapot: “Terelu returns after three years. I remind you that the last time he approached this set was from the door and he did not want to enter. They are condemned to understand each other.” Indeed, in 2019, both Carmen Borrego and her sister left the program due to friction with the management, although it seems that they are past water because, now, the two have ended up returning ‘home’.

“No, condemned to understand each other, no. Ah! They [María Patiño y Terelu], Yes”, commented Borrego, who has misunderstood Germán’s expression. However, it is not entirely clear if the daughters of the veteran communicator will work at ease on the same ‘set’, since they come from a time of quarrels and controversies that have fueled hours and hours of content in ‘Sálvame’ and ‘Viva life’.

‘Sálvame’, desperate after its low audience: Terelu Campos returns as presenter

Bert Molina

“Is Terelu happy?” Nuria Marín asked Carmen. “I am happy for her, she is very happy. You know how she is. She is now with fears, you know that she is very demanding”, the collaborator has affirmed. In case there was a lack of gasoline, Kiko Matamoros added a little more: “Look at Terelu. We already have a good Campos.”

“Kiko, how bad you are. We have both, we don’t have one, but the two good Campos,” the presenter of ‘Sálvame’ responded this Friday. “Let Alejandra Rubio come too!”, Víctor Sandoval requested before Nuria gave way to Sonsoles Ónega and her ‘It’s already eight o’clock’.

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