Why JK Rowling Almost Didn't Appear In The Harry Potter Cast Reunion

Nostalgic fans of Harry Potter could not have had a better start to the year: the first film of the teenage wizard turned two decades old and the production celebrated it with a special reunion that premiered on January 1 on HBO. “Back to Hogwarts, the reunion” recruited the protagonists of this franchise, as well as the directors and the producer, to reminisce together how exciting the filming was. But nevertheless, a difficult figure was missing to complete the album of those who made this saga possible: where was JK Rowling? In almost the hour and a half that the show lasts, the author who gave rise to this magical universe only appears just three or four times, less than a minute and saying trivial things, in archive material from 2019. And, although it transpired that her The team declined the invitation because, apparently, they considered that showing this material was enough, there are those who believe that their absence is not accidental.

JK Rowling’s Cancellation

And it is that JKR became a person uncomfortable. Maybe they didn’t know it, but thousands of Harry Potter fans have been in mourning since 2019, when JKR started making transphobic comments on twitter that earned a massive wave of cancellations. Even the main actors of the saga, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, publicly disassociated themselves from the author, openly showing their support for the trans collective. How could this have been the fate of a celebrity writer who nurtured a generation of LGBTIQ children with her books about a young, out-of-the-closet wizard and his gang of cronies?dissidents” who fight against the reactionary and racist dictatorship that the very bad guys want to impose? Next, the review of the chronology of the tweets, posts and publications that put Joanne in the place of a true innumerable, in Howarts terms (so you don’t have to scroll through tweets from three years ago).

Transoding comments

It all started when JKR started giving a few likes here and there in 2019 to an openly TERF tweeter. (TERF is an acronym for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists: an anti-trans political and biologist stance that is sustained by a lowering of the line that wants to pass itself off as a feminist).

Later, he continued to take a stand on the Maya Forstater case, openly saying that he was on her side. Who is Maya Forstater? She is a researcher who was fired from her position in a civil association for having held transphobic positions. As which? In a letter of hers from 2019 in which she argued why it is dangerous for her that people are legally designated with the gender with which they self-perceive, she stated why she believes that it is a problem for the “rights of women (really) ” “define femininity as a feeling, rather than as a biological fact”. (As if being trans were a simple feeling and not an identity issue). In this sense, she considered with concern that there are fewer and fewer who are willing to uphold “the biological definition of what it means to be a woman” and that there are more and more foundations and NGOs that ask “governments to be allowed to change persons of legal sex at will”.

For Maya, saying that “trans women are women” is a “new doctrine” and a problem, because it basically means that now anyone can be a woman and, in this way, it would be allowing the “mens who say they are women” access female bathrooms and spaces that real women (so implies) used to change clothes, for example. Yes. One more time. The issue of the bathroom as a space that marks the ground between what must be protected and what must be pursued. And, again, the old trope that trans women are perverted males who disguise themselves as women to attack “real women” when they are vulnerable.

All of this was a big YES for JFK, who tweeted: “Dress as you like. Call yourself what you want. Sleep with any adult who accepts you. Live your best life in peace and security. But forcing women out of their jobs for claiming sex is real? #EstoyConMaya.”

In this tweet, the author of Harry Potter openly defends Maya while disassociating herself from those who could accuse her of being transphobic by appealing to the old paradigm of “tolerance” (fuck whoever you want, dress how you want, etc). None of this is aimed at cis-hetero people, but at the “weirdos” who dress, fuck and name themselves in “non-normative” ways. She is saying: “you can be a freak; what am I normalI tolerate it.” Notice how condescending and passive-aggressive? Like Maya, who believes that being trans is as banal and fleeting as a feeling, Joanne believes that trans identity comes down to cosmetic issues such as clothing, or the choice of a name, or who one chooses to sleep with.. This tweet, in which she made her TERF position evident due to its content and her defense of Maya, set off alarm bells among her ex-fans, who sank her under the tsunami of cancellation.

For JK Rowling, now anyone can be trans

After a few months in which he moved away from social networks, he finally returned to the fray with a kind of essay where he tried to whitewash the TERF doctrine by showing it as a non-violent political position with which it is possible to empathize. At the same time, in his text he underlines his concern because “more and more young people want to transition” and, of course, emphasizes that later there are several who regret it after having made changes irreversible. In addition, he points out with fear that now anyone can be trans and there are fewer and fewer medical controls to prevent it.. “The current explosion of trans activism is doing away with nearly all of the robust systems that sex reassignment candidates were once required to go through. A man who does not intend to undergo surgery or take hormones can now obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate and be a woman in the eyes of the law”, she wrote uneasily. Of course, for her the hegemonic medical system should be in charge of policing the “aspirants” to transition, and that is: those who submit to its controls and surgical and drug practices.

Following this line, he relates that he came into contact with many writings of trans people with “gender dysphoria”, “anxiety, dissociation, eating disorders, self-harm and self-hatred” (as if being trans was always an experience marked by misery and mental illness ). Then, he hints that those who transition to the masculine spectrum do so because they actually want to “escape from femininity” because of the macho burden that it carries. “But, as many women have said before me, ‘woman’ is not a disguise,” she maintained (remember when she said “Dress as you want”? Here she argues that those who transition are “disguising themselves”, because the only way valid for her to be a woman is biologically).

Finally, he assures that talking about “menstruating women” and “people with vulvas” is “hostile and degrading” and ends his post by raising Maya’s glove and returning to the issue of female toilets, increasingly threatened by men who “say be women”. As if trans people aren’t exposed to systematic violence every time they try to enter one.

Finally, after some more tweets that follow this same position and that deepened their situation? as an author edge-TERF, premiered in September 2020 -hold on to your seats- Trouble Blood, a book about a murderer who disguises himself as a woman to kill his victims and torture them. Was necessary? And I write this with completely rolled eyes.

And now, having said all this, if you ask me why I think JKR did not go to the Harry Potter 20 years reunion, yes, maybe something of this had to do with it.

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