"Well look, no.  I am not a martyr": the nurses respond to the judge who affirms that they must "sacrifice" his life

“Well, look, no. I’m not a martyr. I always do everything in my power for patients, but I’m not going to sacrifice my life,” says Instagram user @enfermera_saturated. It is his reaction, like that of many other toilets, to the sentence of the Social Court number 2 of Jaén which, although it has recognized the shortage of protective equipment for toilets during the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, exempts from responsibility to the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) for understanding that there has been no violation of article 15 of the Constitution, which includes the right to life and physical and moral integrity.

The sentence is in itself a response to a lawsuit filed in March 2020 by the Nursing College of Jaén, a collegiate entity that has issued a statement in which they indicate that the sentence shows that, according to their interpretation, “the health workers had the obligation to sacrifice their right to life and integrity, even without masks, during the first wave of COVID-19, for the benefit of the life and integrity of the rest of the population”.

The College of Nursing states that the sentence “recognizes the shortage of protective equipment for health workers during the first months of the pandemic, a public and notorious fact”, but does not condemn the SAS for violating the fundamental rights of nurses when understanding, according to the Association, that the lack of protective equipment was “irremediable” and that “in the situation of having to choose between the lives of citizens, or working in dangerous conditions for the integrity of nurses, the citizens’ right to life.

This is how the nurses respond to the sentence

“I don’t know what you think, but I think this sentence has neither head nor tail,” he says in his publication @enfermera_saturated. For the president of the Valladolid College of Nursing, Silvia Sáez, “it is demeaning” and one more symptom of the discrimination suffered by nurses. “In the first place, all workers have the right to be protected in our health in our daily activity. But in addition, these two sentences are a symptom of discrimination of health professionals against others, because in this case it seems that doctors deserve some privileges and the nurses do not, when it comes to rights,” says Silvia Sáez Belloso, through a statement.

“Law No. 1 in health: before saving the life of the next door, make sure that yours is not in danger”, says the nurse and midwife @matrontarini. Primary Care nurse Adrián Robles (@Esoeslupus) values ​​that “sSentences like this make it clear that you have to refuse to attend without proper PPE. And if that, then report me. So if we’re burned…”I want the bonus of sacrificing my life, that if I die in the act of service, that my family be compensated,” adds pediatric nurse Yurena Pulido (@Yu_PulMed).

The doctor Martha Lovera (@loverascritora) writes: “PLuckily, many of us were “saved” from that “sacrifice” because now they would not have professionals to attend to this disaster. Unfortunate the little respect towards the comrades who left their lives in this due to the ineptitude of the political class.”

“The world has gone crazy. We are not machines, we still have life and family and we are never going to sacrifice our life for that of others. One does everything for the patient but never sacrifice our own life, we are also human, children, brothers, fathers, mothers…”, exposes the health @JoselinSoldovi_.

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