Viral photo: an exotic crocodile walks its 100 offspring on its back

A shocking image has gone viral in the last few hours and in it you can see a huge crocodile walking with its 100 offspring on its back. The photo was published on Instagram and is already going around the world, which was amazed.

It is a snapshot taken from the air, which shows swimming a crocodile of the Gavial species, which is in danger of extinction. But what is striking are their offspring, which end up occupying the entire back of the reptile.

The gavial or also called gharial of the Ganges, is an exotic species of sauropsid of the order Crocodilia, the only one of the genus Gavialis. It is characterized by a very thin mouth, adaptation to a diet based on fish, since it is not good for hunting large mammals since it could break if too much pressure is exerted.

It is an exclusive inhabitant of the Indian subcontinent and some neighboring countries. It can be found in important rivers of that region such as the Ganges, which crosses India and Nepal, the Indus, which passes through Pakistan, as well as others of great ecological and cultural value such as the Brahmaputra, the Mahanadi and the Irrawadydy, although in some of them it is already very difficult to find specimens.

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