Video |  Tremendous fall before his date in 'First Dates': "It has been tremendous"

‘First Dates’ lived this Thursday, January 13, a very particular date, the one starring two authentic divas: Alexandra Scarlett and Pantodivah, two young people who went to the restaurant of Four like their artistic alter egos, connecting from the first moment thanks to sharing aesthetics, tastes and hobbies. Starting the date from so high, what they did not count on is that one of them would end it on the ground, suffering one of the most spectacular falls in memory en el ‘dating show’.

The evening between the two passed between confidences and good vibes because in each topic of conversation they brought up they always found points in common, understanding life in a very similar way. The culmination, therefore, came with Alexandra’s own surprise performance, who was absent for a few minutes to return to the restaurant to the rhythm of ‘Mafiosa’ by Nathy Peluso.

“To be a diva you have to have self-confidence, even if someone doesn’t like you,” she acknowledged before the performance, going out to interpret with great panache because, as she herself confessed, “in my mind I prepare all the performances as if I were going to the Superbowl, from there to being the same dancer or the same singer who goes to the Superbowl is something else, but in my head I put on my show, the video clip and everything you want. ”

The ‘First Dates’ trap with her date: face to face with a love from her past

No. Costs

The young woman danced with the rest of the guests and with the program team throughout the set, facing the end of the performance by going up to the highest part, where her date was. But nevertheless, did not arrive at the meeting with Pantodivah, suffering a tremendous fall on the stairs of the restaurant.

Alexandra’s performance seemed like a fantasy to me. He wiggled his wig super well, and his poses, how he went from one side to the other,… everything has been very good, “commented his date before the public could see how Scarlett tripped over her heels and ended up kissing the ground : “And I fell,” the young man commented with laughter along with the rest of the waiters, who were interested in whether he had hurt himself.

The end has been… tremendous! Let’s remember that all the great divas in the end have fallen, like Carol G, Madonna, Katy Perry… If you haven’t fallen, you’re not one of the greats. A fantasy”, affirmed his date on camera, not only taking away iron from the fall but giving it value. Up to that point he seemed to have connected with Alexandra, which is why he granted her a second date in ‘The final decision’. Unfortunately, the opinion of Alexandra Scarlett was not on the same side, since she claimed not to want a second romantic date with him, the reason was none other than precisely having been so equal in all aspects: “I see you more as a friend”.

Despite love not succeeding, the great moment starring Scarlett does not go unnoticed at all. Social networks pointed to his fall as one of the great moments of the program this season, and it was not for less, placing the young man among the most commented topics during the broadcast of the program.

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