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The robberies committed in the Region with the modality known in urban jargon as “motojets”, felt again with a new and chilling episode. The event, which had as its epicenter a busy sector of our city, was characterized by the synchronization and speed with which the criminal gang acted, but also by the violence and cruelty with which they proceeded to seize their victim’s belongings. , a 20-year-old girl who ended up injured.

The attack happened in the last hours at 16, between 57 and 58. The criminals cared little about the security cameras that were filming them. As can be seen in the images, the victim was walking alone on the sidewalk when she was approached by the four subjects who were traveling on two motorcycles.

Although the girl realized the threat and tried to escape, one of the motorcycles came forward and blocked her path. Then, the young woman tried to retrace the path, but a motorcycle was located behind her.

In the next scene, the companions are seen descending from the vehicles and struggling with the victim to remove his backpack. It is not certain whether the girl tried to resist or they could not remove her backpack because it was tight.

The concrete thing is that despite being armed and outnumbering her and outnumbering her, the thieves subjected the young woman to beatings, proving to be capable of anything in order to fulfill their mission.

“It can happen to anyone. Here we cannot blame the police. They patrol but it seems that it is not enough”

Neighbor of 16 between 57 and 58

Specifically, the thieves took a backpack with several objects of great value, including a cell phone. But the robbery was not the only setback that this young woman experienced. To the complications derived from the theft of everyday objects such as keys and the telephone, was added the medical attention that he had to receive for a cut on the scalp.

Apparently, the tear was caused by a ring worn by one of the violent men who hit her.

After the brutal episode, the young woman was rescued by some neighbors who were in charge of giving notice to the victim’s parents.

After arriving at the scene, the couple took their daughter to the hospital to be treated for the injury they had caused her.

“I had a cut of about four centimeters. We assume that they must have made a suture, “they said.

The dramatic situation created an atmosphere of shock and concern. Shock, for the hard time that the girl lived. And concern about the possibility that the modality begins to settle in the area.

For many, these subjects were “on the fish” and just this young woman had the misfortune to cross paths with them.

“It can happen to anyone. Nobody is exempt. It could have been me or the neighbor across the street. And here we cannot blame the police. Patrols are carried out but it seems that it is not enough, “said Alberto, a neighbor of the block.

In the neighborhood they assured yesterday that “it is a quiet sector but things always happen anyway.” “This is not Switzerland, we are not exempt from insecurity. In the neighborhood there are domes, bike lanes, it’s fine, but things happen like everywhere, “they warned. The fact “was terrible” and “is a warning that we are not calm when we walk in the street, and less at night,” they said.

Specifically, the neighbors who spoke with this newspaper assured that they “fear” that the same situation will be repeated in El Mondongo, a sector of the urban area that is known for the long history of robberies that are committed with this modality.

Although there are some sectors more chosen than others to carry out this type of blow, criminals who operate with this device know no borders.

Last Tuesday, a delivery man from the “Delicias Caseras” store who had just delivered an order at 18 and 152 Norte, in Berisso, was approached by motojets who pointed a gun at him and took his black Mondial 110 cc. The 31-year-old victim was uninjured but was unable to continue his work.

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