VIDEO.  Now, Hernández's quarry caught fire

Six crews of firefighters had to work yesterday throughout the afternoon to control a fire in the property known as “the quarry” that covers several hectares between streets 23, 29, 517 and 520, in Hernández. The incident, which took place in a context of concern in the Region due to the incidence of heat and drought in this type of phenomenon, also called the attention of Civil Defense teams and the Same, who were attentive to possible manifestations of the focus outside of the land where wild vegetation dominates.

Although the adjoining urbanized area is separated, in large part, by the edge of the cellar and the streets, concern was generated in the area due to the evolution of flames and smoke as the first contaminating manifestation.

The column could be seen several kilometers away, among other points, from the center of the City.

“The flames were able to begin to be controlled in one area, but as it is a large open space where there are remains of pruning and very dry grasslands due to the lack of water and the intense heat of the last few days, the fire continues to complicate the actions of the Fire Department,” They officially commented from the Commune on the end of the afternoon, when several hours of work had already been going on, after the detection of the fire, after noon.

So, the neighborhood was recommended to close doors and windows to prevent smoke from entering homes. The Same and Civil Defense teams were attentive to any situation that required intervention due to smoke inhalation.

The emergency was of such magnitude that it was avoided to dispatch the fire trucks to replenish water. The provisions of the municipality of the Public Spaces area acted as a “bridge” to fill the trucks, it was reported from the Commune.

According to that report, the flames mainly affected the property from Calle 514 to 517 from 25 to 23. At first they grew so much that they spread to the adjoining quarry from 514 to 517 from 27 to 29. Thus, in the middle of the operation there were to cut off 25th avenue.

Initially, it is suspected that the fire grew with the heat and drought. “We still cannot know what started it due to the size of the incident,” a firefighter told this newspaper.

During those hours, the smoke, the smell of burning grass and the ashes could be felt in other neighborhoods of the City. “We are raising ashes from the park,” a neighbor from the vicinity of 135 and 508 warned about the end of the afternoon.

A large number of fields have caught fire in recent weeks in the Region and the fire stations cannot cope with six, seven, eight daily departures. Among those, a fire destroyed 3 hectares in Estancia Chica, Abasto. The fire was close to facilities for sports use at the Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata property, but it was controlled and caused no damage, it was indicated. There are also emergencies in Romero, Olmos, Arana, Sicardi, the coast of Berisso, Verónica and Magdalena, among other areas.

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