TV column “The Masked Dancer”: “Another legend”: knockout for German boxer in “Masked Dancer”

The sheep has mown! When Axel Schulz fell by the wayside in competitions earlier, it hurt more. The ex-boxer, legendary for his fight against George Foreman, left “The Masked Dancer” (ProSieben) and dropped his sheep mask. His good-humored summary: “I found myself already sheep!”

“Again a legend. Where is this supposed to lead?” Said moderator Matthias Opdenhövel, a little obviously flirtatious. But in essence the man is right: in the second show of “The Masked Dancer” (ProSieben) a well-established and surprising celebrity was revealed: Axel Schulz, the former “boxer of the heart” and became really popular, especially through unfortunate defeats , was revealed to be a sheep.

Schulz was in a good mood: “I stayed true to my tradition: I didn’t go knocked out in round one!”

The sheep just gave a clumsy performance

After his clumsy performance at the latest, it was clear that the sheep would be sheared by the fans who voted on the ProSieben app about the weal or woe of the six participants in the masked ball. Even the guessing crew (this time with guest Johanna Klum alongside Alexander Klaws and Steven Gätjen) found nothing to praise besides the “great entertainment value”. In terms of dancing, the walking lawn mower offered, as Klum put it very nicely, a “dance avoidance program”, raging at best latently coordinated impetuously across the stage.

In contrast, four of the five competitors offered great cinema in terms of dancing. If the standing ovations are anything to go by, Maximum Power should get it next week. Then it’s semifinals. And it may be that the energetic superhero (moderator Opdenhövel: “Marvel has already called and asked about the rights”) is then pulled the plug. Against the fiery shows offered by monkey, shaggy, colored pencil and mouse, Maximum Power ran on the back burner.

Alexander Klaws is convinced: Some candidates have “previous knowledge of dancing”

The “fantastic four” – monkey, shaggy, colored pencil and mouse – have, as the guessing crew unanimously confirmed, “definitely have prior knowledge of dance”, as Alexander Klaws, himself experienced in “Let’s Dance” and musicals, put it. The question, and there is still room for improvement among the guessers, is who is hiding.

With the introduction of “jokers”, the clue and voice decoder, ProSieben has already built in new help for stray guessers. Now there was a “typical movement” that every artist had to perform – what older people smirk at the legendary hand movement in “What am I?” could remember.

The clues were regularly (and rightly so) mocked by the guessing crew as useless and confusing in “The Masked Singer”, now it could be that they are even too clear. How to do it…

Is Cloud Hegenbarth the mouse?

After a furious performance, the mouse ended up bathing in a cloud of dry ice fog. In addition, a cloudy sky was explained as an indication: “In the sky I recognize a part of me,” squeaked the little mouse, and Steven Gätjen shot like a pistol: “Cloud Hegenbarth!” Could be true, because a Matchbox trailer also scurried through the picture – a “camper”. Hegenbarth starred in the series of the same name.

The mouse should be careful, because Gätjen seems to mutate into a star guesser. Because shortly before the unmasking he told the sheep on his sheep’s head that Axel Schulz was hiding underneath (after Gätjen had previously favored Jörg Pilawa). Opdenhövel was amazed: “May I call you Ruth?” Gätjen has the ProSieben community behind him with his Hegenbarth assumption: 71.4 percent now think cloud Hegenbarth in a mouse costume.

Are the couple Massimo Sinató and Rebecca Mir also hiding under one of the masks?

This makes the actress the clearest prime suspect, ahead of Oli P., whom 62 percent of fans want to have recognized in a monkey costume. Can Oli P., ex-“Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” actor and rapper and singer, really do a breakdance move like the one-armed handstand? Hm. That would speak more for the trained breakdancer, rapper and YouTube hero Julien Bam, who still ranks seventh behind Bürger Lars Dietrich, Massimo Sinató, DJ BoBo, Michi Beck and Mark Forster with 3.5 percent.

Speaking of Massimo Sinato. It would be nice if he were the horny monkey, then there might be a couple duel, because 54 percent of the fans suspect Massimo’s wife Rebecca Mir in the costume of the shaggy. At least she has serious suspicion competition with Marlene Lufen (20 percent). Riccardo Simonetti, as suspected by Johanna Klum, is leaving, he is on vacation in Hollywood.

He is the fourth favorite

The fourth favorite of the bunch is the elegant and eloquent colored pencil. A really very graceful appearance, which this time first presented Slow Fox in perfection to the evergreen “Ain’t That A Kick In My Head” (by Dean Martin) and then on the big show staircase a TV ballet-ready performance to the cult “Space Taxi” (Spucky, Kork and Schrotty from “(T)Spaceship Surprise”). As Steven Gätjen also believed, this wide range and lived eloquence could suit Thomas Herrmanns, himself a jack of all trades. He is a comedian, director, screenwriter, moderator – but is he also a secretly gifted dancer? Alex Klaws and the community think: no. You see Prince Damien (DSDS winner like Klaws) in front with 36.7 percent.

But maybe next week in the semi-finals Maximum Power will be turned off after all. If Alexander Klaws has his way, then Eloy de Jong will appear. If the ProSieben fans have the better nose, then it will be a colleague of Eloy’s, namely Bastiaan Ragas – both sang and danced in the Dutch boy band Caught in the Act in the 90s. And if Steven “Ruth” Gätjen is right? Then there’s a reunion with Evil Jared Hasselhoff from the Bloodhound Gang.

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