This portable battery from Anker has MagSafe and a very clever mount to hold your iPhone

The arrival of MagSafe on the iPhone has been a boost to the innovation of accessories to the ecosystem. And Anker is one of the brands that is capitalizing on this the most, with a new range of MagGo accessories. One of the most interesting examples is the Anker 622 wireless battery that features a foldable mount. We have been testing it for a few weeks, being a very clever combination to accompany our iPhone.

Folding battery with MagSafe Anker 622: technical characteristics

  • Accessory Type: Cordless Battery with MagSafe
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.65 x 1.27cm.
  • Weight: 142 grams.
  • Capacity: 5,000mAh.
  • Recharge speed: 7.5W.
  • Connection: USB-C.
  • MagSafe compatibility: iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.
  • Others: folding bracket.
  • Price: 59.99 euros.

A battery with MagSafe for the iPhone

Magsafe Anker 02 Battery Holder

If you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 in any of its variants, you are most likely interested in MagSafe accessories. These generations of iPhone introduce a new way to attach all kinds of accessories, including MagSafe batteries. Anker has put its MagGo 622 on the table, an external battery with powerful magnets that attaches to the back of the iPhone.

Whether you have a mini model or a Max with its large battery, you may need an extra autonomy in certain situations. The truth is that with my iPhone 13 Pro Max I forgot to charge it regularlyWell, the battery lasts me more than two days. And sometimes, when wanting to leave the house, I have realized that I barely had a charge.

The thickness and weight are similar to other proposals, something to keep in mind if you value using your iPhone comfortably

This Anker battery has saved me in more than one similar situation. The attach to the back of the iPhone and you forget about them. It will do what is necessary to recharge your iPhone while you have it in your pocket. In my experience, the charge is relatively fast, although far from the traditional cable. But enough to gain more than enough battery to finish a day.

It is capable of fully recharging an iPhone 12, according to the brand itself. So the Max models stay at approximately 70% or 75% capacity. In daily use, this battery is held quite well by MagSafe. Of course, we must be a little careful when inserting and removing it so that it does not come loose (which has not happened to me yet).

Perfect support for FaceTime and watching movies

Magsafe Anker 01 Battery Holder
Magsafe Anker 01 Battery Holder

So far, we could talk about any other battery with MagSafe. But this one from Anker brings something very interesting and, as we said, cunning. A small tab unfolds from the top with ease, as it stays in place thanks to, again, magnets.

If we fold it into a triangle, it will allow us to place the iPhone in a perfect vertical position to consult it on a desk. notifications, calls with the speaker or AirPods, quickly view emails and social networks. I find it especially useful to use it during FaceTime calls, even though it doesn’t need the extra battery charge. Placing it on the battery is very simple and aligns quickly.

Magsafe Anker 04 Battery Holder
Magsafe Anker 04 Battery Holder

If we want, we can also use this support in a horizontal position. So we can watch movies and series, also play video games with one of the many MFi wireless controls on the market, such as the DualSense of the PS5.

The secrets of Apple's MagSafe battery, in detail: we tested it with all iPhone 12

Altogether, it is a great accessory for those sporadic and unplanned uses, also for trips and days of intense use. With an added support that adds more value to the whole.

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