Ciudad de Buenos Aires

The intense heat wave does not seem to give up and continues to approach the historical peaks in the Buenos aires city, something that brought drought, lack of energy and power outages. Faced with this, businesses and some families have decided in recent years to buy generator sets. The inflation of 50.9% in 2021 provided by the INDEC seems to have reached the product costs.

The electric generator is an excellent opportunity to avoid blackouts and keep certain essential elements on, such as the refrigerator and freezer or cell phone charging. Also, it is ideal for maintaining the Wi-Fi modem connection and not losing virtual presence at work. Today, the product is obtained in an e-commerce or in specialized businesses.

The drawback is that generators are not recommended for computer components, because the voltage output is not as regular. On the other hand, it is mandatory to have a few liters of gasoline for its operation and also the oil, which is similar to that of a car engine. Everything will depend on what the manufacturer specifies.

Specialists recommend choosing a medium equipment to supply the main thing in a home, which can be the refrigerator, Wi-Fi and several fans. It is preferable to avoid the largest ones, since they generate a lot of noise and the cost of gasoline is greater. In addition, it must be used in an outdoor environment and rain must not come into contact with the equipment at any time.

Prices and tips

The values ​​range from $12,649 to $450,000, although there are other more expensive ones that already exceed one million pesos, but they are designed for larger businesses. To choose the right generator set, manufacturers recommend adding the maximum power in watts of the elements that you want to keep connected simultaneously. For example, if the sum is 3,000 watts, then the equipment must contain at least 15% more power.

A $41,470 generator can support up to 2,500 watts and is capable of simultaneously running a refrigerator, a television, the Wi-Fi modem, some lamps, and at least 3 fans without difficulty. In addition, it can last up to 11 hours depending on the capacity of the fuel tank, although in case the supply runs out, the device can be refilled with new fuel.

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