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  • Meral robs Burak of 100 lire in the school cafeteria

  • Eylül will be harassed and threatened by her stepfather again

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The theft of the hundred lire from Burak is soon discovered. nothing more to happen, Eylül realizes that Serkan has covered for Meral and that provokes a new confrontation between them. “I’ve seen what you’ve done. You took Burak’s money out of your pocket. Do you think you’re a hero? We’re not thieves. Meral didn’t steal it,” he tells the young man, who tells him everything that happened in the cafeteria and makes your intentions clear. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you always arguing with me? I just want to be your friend,” he tells the young woman who still doesn’t trust him.

And once the robbery is confirmed, Eylül, Kader and Songül will face their friend in the next chapter of ‘Orphans’. Aware that any misstep can jeopardize your future and your stay at the school, they will teach Meral a lesson to later try to collect money and return it to Serkan for putting the money and thus protecting her in front of the rest of the students.

Meral, right after the Burak robbery

Eylül harassed again by Kemal

After several days at the orphanage, Eylül receives a very special visitor. His mother goes to the orphanage and although he does not want to know anything about her, Seeing her little sister, she goes out to meet her.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only visitor he gets. Kemal, her stepfather also goes to the center and takes advantage of the girl’s outing to harass her again. “I let you get away once but that’s going to end. We’re going back home. You don’t like me? You do everything with other guys and you reject me? I’ll rent a house, get a divorce and we’ll get married,” tells the young woman, to whom threatens to hurt his sister just before Eylül can escape.

Eylül and her stepfather

What Eylül does not imagine is that his escape will have serious consequences. Furious at the rudeness of his stepdaughter, Kemal assaults his wife. “As you yell at me again, I’ll kill you,” he says after slapping him. And it is that Mesude is devastated after abandoning her daughter and tries to convince herself and others that it is the only way out. “I’m aware that I’m a bad mother. I had to choose between her and this baby. She’s all grown up, I know she won’t need me like this baby will. I wouldn’t have if I had any other choice. After that day I have not been able to smile again, not sleep… I did what I had to do. Just that”.

Serkan’s father will help the girls

Days after the incident in the park, Serkan won’t be able to keep quiet anymore and will tell his father the whole truth about what happened with the girls. Surprised, he reprimands his wife for having further complicated the lives of the young women. “Too bad, I don’t recognize you. That’s why you accepted them at school, so they wouldn’t open their mouths. That’s intolerable,” he tells Nazan.

Embarrassed, Serkan’s father shows his face at the orphanage, explains what happened and offers financial help. “I wanted to protect your son but I acted badly. I can’t do anything about it anymore but I would like to help the girls as much as possible,” he tells Neriman and Feride, who will be reluctant to accept the money and tells him offers another possibility. “The money doesn’t make up for the shame they’ve suffered. We don’t accept donations, we can’t accept their money. We have a bigger problem. We only have one computer and the girls can’t study.”

For its part, Cemre still does not assimilate the tragedy he is experiencing. The young woman feels guilty for the tragic death of her parents. “I can’t take it. I can’t take it anymore. I want to die,” she says as she burns all her belongings and Eylül tries to comfort her.

Songül’s Revenge

The tables have turned at school. Little by little the girls are gaining confidence (and the occasional war). After suffering several humiliations and after witnessing the contempt with which her classmates treat Cemre after the young woman tragically lost her parents, Songül plans his revenge. After teaching Güney a lesson in the locker room, He publicly humiliates him by making him leave school dressed in borrowed clothes. “Look what outfit the little princess is wearing! Let her know who she’s messing with,” he says as all the students watch him.

Songul se burla de Güney

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