The Generalitat protects the director of the institute who refuses to apply the sentence of 25% of Spanish


Casado asks Sánchez to demand compliance with the ruling and to apply 155 if the Government does not rectify

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  • Education An institute in Manresa, the first to refuse to comply with the sentence 25% of Castilian by “indication” of the Government

The Generalitat supports the refusal of the director of the Lacetnia institute in Manresa to implement 25% of teaching hours in Spanish in his school in compliance with the Supreme Court ruling, to meet the request of the father of one of his students.

Educational projects cannot be changed for the simple fact that a family requests it, defended the Department of Education after EL MUNDO revealed that the head of the educational center had dismissed a family’s request to timely comply with the ruling. of the High Court.

The Government traces the argument that it has been using since in November the Supreme Court rejected the appeal of the Generalitat against the ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) that set 25% of hours in Spanish in all schools and consecrated, as well , this obligatory quota of Spanish. However, the Department of Education alleges that the director of the Lacetnia institute, Francesc Delis, is not disobeying any ruling because the father who requested bilingual education for his daughter did not follow the usual channels to do so, that is, submit a request to the Ministry of Education and prosecute the case in the event that the answer is negative.

The plaintiff family presented directly to the school an instance in which they found that the school does not comply with the Supreme Court ruling that dictates 25% of hours in Spanish and requested that it go on to do so, providing as a document to support their claim the Judicial failure.

The director of the center – who has declined to attend this newspaper – replied that the institute follows the instructions that the Department of Education sets in this regard. That is why I decide to continue with the linguistic criteria applied up to now in the center.

Faced with the first known and documented refusal of a school in Catalonia to comply with 25% of Spanish after the sentence, the leader of the PP, Paul Married, has asked the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to require compliance and, if there is rebellion on the part of the Generalitat, to apply article 155 of the Constitution to assume educational powers in Catalonia and execute the court ruling.

It is very worrying not that an institute declares itself in rebellion to a sentence, but that the Minister of Education and the President of the Generalitat have declared themselves in absentia before the sentence and the Government allows it, affirms the head of the ranks of the popular.

Along the same lines, the spokesman for Ciudadanos in Parliament, Nacho Martin Blanco, considers that it is intolerable that the Generalitat orders the centers not to comply with a consolidated court ruling. This can only happen in an autonomous community where the law is a dead letter because the Generalitat intends it that way. The Government of Spain cannot continue looking the other way, he warns.

Vox, for its part, is already studying legal measures against those who, by action or omission, do not respect the 25% sentence, as announced by its educational spokesperson Manuel Acosta, who points out that no one is above the law; neither an institute director, nor the councilors of the Generalitat.

That a court ruling is not complied with is a first-rate democratic aberration, but what is really serious is that we are dealing with a director of an educational center who is going against the interests of his students. cannot be accepted. A director must work for a higher educational quality in his center. And, in the end, what is happening in Catalonia is that families have had to react to their own government. The only thing they are demanding is compliance with an educational law that their government has decided to impoverish. It is the biggest shot to the foot that any Government can do. Go against a higher educational quality, he reflects Eva Parera, leader of the new Catalan constitutionalist formation, Valents.

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