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The information published exclusively today by EL ESPAÑOL gives a good account of the Machiavellian nature of the process and the scruples of their conductors. The telephone punctures ordered by the judge Joaquin Aguirre, collected in the framework of the Volhov case, bring together conversations between the main actors of the independence movement who prove how they tried to put the pandemic, which to date has claimed the lives of more than 16,000 Catalans, at the service of secession.

One of the brains process, Xavier Vendrell, a former militant of the terrorist group Terra Lliure, persuaded the secretary general Albert Castellanos to manage the health crisis “of fucking mother”, not so much for the health of the governed as to demonstrate that they know how to do it “better than the rest of the State”.

The purpose was that the image of the independence movement that rules in Catalonia would be reinforced outside, in the eyes of the world, and inside, in the eyes of the Catalans. Especially those of the more pragmatic, who are suspicious of the secessionist ambitions of their leaders.

But that went wrong too: its disastrous management of the pandemic makes Catalonia the region with the most infections in the country, despite its strong restrictions, and its terrible economic management contrasts with the positive data from Madrid. A dynamic that is repeated punctually since nationalism embarked on this drift.

At whatever price

At the same time, Vendrell proposed to the Generalitat the creation of something similar to its own currency or bond, “on paper or through the Blockchain system”, in which the Catalans would invest part of what they saved during the period of general confinement. These values ​​would be exchangeable, who knows if with an isolationist spirit, in local tourism, local culture and local gastronomy.

The listening also reveals that the mood of the brain of the process he was not moved solely by patriotism. Vendrell wanted to get a slice of his contacts with power, in this case within ERC. The summary records a generous reclassification in Cabrera de Mar and the award of a contract for almost half a million euros to carry out laboratory analysis.

Finally, the information in EL ESPAÑOL sheds more light on the spirit of process, troubled and consumed by fanaticism and corruption, and his obsession with divorcing the fate of Catalonia from the future of Spain at any price. Even at the cost of doing politics with the worst health crisis in the last hundred years.

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