Socialist Seville reproaches an old woman for "watching where she steps" after falling on a street in poor condition

The Contentious-Administrative Judge No. 4 of Seville has sentenced the town hall socialist of Sevilla to compensate with 5.653 euros more interest to an elderly resident of Salteras for a fall in the public road, even though the Urban Planning Department He blamed the passer-by for the accident and reproached her for “watching where you step”.

The woman, in her 80s, tripped over a chest on Marqués de Paradas street, falling to the ground and breaking his glasses, in addition to presenting injuries to both knees and severe pain in his wrist. The accident took place in June 2019. The manhole cover that caused it to fall was missing several tiles and some of them were raised, although Seville City Council rejected the request for compensation pointing out in her appeal that the events occurred “in broad daylight”, so the old woman must have noticed the poor state of the street and taken care of her steps.

Now, as collected ABC, Justice has rejected the municipal arguments and condemns the local government of the socialist Antonio Munoz to compensate the victim. nothing new for him Seville City Council, since during the first 100 days of last year it wasted more than 330,000 euros in compensation for falls on public roads. The sad state of the streets of the capital threw an average expenditure of 3,280 euros per day into the municipal coffers.

And it is that the Sevillians process an average of 7.5 daily claims demanding responsibilities from the city council of Seville. And many of these cases end up in court. More examples: last October, a Contentious-Administrative Court of Seville sentenced the local City Council to compensation of more than 55,000 euros to a 72-year-old woman for a fall in Triana.

The Local Police was not worth as a witness

On June 17, 2019, while walking with two friends through the Marques de Paradas street, the old lady tripped on a manhole cover. The victim was treated at the Virgen de los Reyes health center, where the Local police.

After the woman’s version, the agents inspected the area of ​​the accident and verified the disrepair in which the pavement that surrounded the casket was located. The woman denounced the facts but the Urban Planning Department dissociated itself from what happened and rejected the claim of patrimonial responsibility.

“It cannot be ignored that the alleged accident occurred before five in the afternoon and, therefore, in broad daylight. In view of the photographs provided, the damage to the sidewalk is significant enough for the claimant, to wander around with due diligence, consisting of look where you step, was aware of it, ”said the Management.

In addition, in the resolution collected by the aforementioned newspaper, they alleged the absence of witnesses. The Local Police “was not a direct witness” since his report was made as a result of the women’s demonstrations. As if that were not enough, they also rejected the health reports, since they did not prove “the veracity of the accident, but the existence of physical damage.”

Despite the ‘no’ of the City Council to pay compensation some, the courts have agreed with the old woman “without the need for any testimony”. Even without witnesses, the judge emphasizes that the victim “narrated the fall a few minutes after it happened, which due to the proximity to the time and place of the accident, must be considered sufficient for accreditation.”

The court points out that the woman “could hardly have noticed the situation presented by said sidewalk due to the number of people who wandered around” and that the tiles were “far from the standards of efficiency required of municipal public services”, blaming the Seville City Council omission of “sidewalk maintenance”.

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