Oltra stands as judge and party: "No investigation is necessary" of the abuse of protected minors

The second vice president and counselor for Equality and Inclusive Policies of the Generalitat Valenciana, Mónica Oltra, has today become judge and party regarding the request of the Popular Party to open a commission to investigate in the Valencian Courts the 175 complaints of sexual abuse of minors in care by the Valencian Government chaired by Ximo Puig between June 2020 and June 2021. Oltra has said that “no investigation is necessary.”

The situation of minors protected by the Generalitat Valenciana has already jumped to the Congress of Deputies, has splashed Pedro Sánchez and Ximo Puig whom the Opposition holds responsible for Oltra continuing in the Valencian Government, and has focused the attention of the European Parliament, who is investigating it. In addition, it has given rise to the opening of complaints by the Valencian Ombudsman and the Spanish Ombudsman. Also, the Provincial Court of Valencia has just ordered the reopening of the investigation that is being carried out against charges and technicians from the Oltra Ministry to find out why they did not report the abuse of a minor by Oltra’s own ex-husband, who minor had told them.

A few days ago, precisely, the Valencian Ombudsman published the resolution of the complaint opened ex officio by the institution for the situation of juvenile centers in the Valencian Community. That resolution contained the data of the complaints of sexual abuse filed by minors under the guardianship of the Valencian Government, both in residential care and in family care, from June 2020 to June 2021, amounting to a total of 175. Of the minors complainants, a total of 127 reported sexual abuse while in residences under the control of Puig and Oltra.

The PP in the Valencian Courts then requested the opening of a Parliamentary Investigation Commission on the situation of minors in care. He had already done it twice before in the regional Parliament. In both, it was rejected with the votes of the Socialists, Compromís and Podemos. The PP also demanded the appearance of the president of the Valencian Government, the socialist Ximo Puig, for this same reason, while Oltra requested her appearance. Today, Oltra has said that no investigation is needed. And she wanted to justify these words by pointing out that she has asked to appear on her own initiative.

The circumstance of the request of the PP to the Table of the Courts for Puig to appear occurred about two hours before the one presented by Oltra to appear herself, as stated in the record of each of the two requests. But nevertheless, the Table of the Valencian Courts accepted Oltra’s request and rejected the one that the PP had made first for Puig to appear. After today’s demonstrations by Oltra, it seems clear that the Valencian Government wants to settle the case of abused minors in the Valencian Courts with the appearance of Oltra and that it will reject for the third time the opening of an investigation commission, once that of Puig has already been rejected.

Despite all this, Oltra said today that his appearance occurs “from the firm commitment of the Botànic (the Valencian Government) and also staff to give all the explanations and reasoning to all those who want to know the truth and listen.” However, Puig will not appear. Precisely, Oltra has stressed that she feels fully supported by the Valencian Government and by Puig in particular.

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