"More livestock, less communism": Pablo Casado launches the Mañueco campaign 'a lo Ayuso'

The national president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has visited this Friday an extensive cattle farm in Las Navas del Marqués (Ávila), from which he has launched a campaign with the slogan “More livestock, less communism“, to denounce the “attacks” of Minister Alberto Garzón against the primary sector.

Surrounded by cows of the Friesian breed, Casado boasted that he was in his adopted town, where the farmers “know the cows by name”, and ironically stated that Minister Garzón has only seen the cattle as “a hologram of a Netflix series“.

Instead, he has related, “I have lived here since I was little. The rancher is the first interested in the animals being in good condition and free of diseases, because then they have to trade their meat.”

The leader of the PP has affirmed that if Minister Garzón has not yet been dismissed, it is because “we have two governments, one presided over by Pedro Sánchez and the other by Yolanda Díaz, previously by Pablo Iglesias. Here the only hoax is that the Government is united” .

After emphasizing that Spain has “The best meat in the world“, Casado has assured that the PP defends all forms of livestock, both intensive and extensive, cattle, pig and poultry, because they are subject to rigorous European national regulations that guarantee their quality production.

With the motto “More livestock, less communism“, which imitates the one used by Ayuso in the 4-M elections, the PP intends to denounce the “tremendous hypocrisy” of the “communist” ministers of the Government, Alberto Garzón and Yolanda Díaz: “In the 2050 Agenda they tell us that we have to eat less meat and that we cannot travel by plane over certain distances,” Casado said, “but they do travel in the Falcon, including Yolanda Díaz to go to the Vatican. On the other hand, people who do not make it to the end of the month are waiting for what they are going to be able to eat.”

“Communism”, added the PP leader to justify his campaign, “is the ideology that has left more misery, oppression and death in Europe in the 20th century. This is demonstrated by the archives of the former USSR, of China, and one day those of Cuba will say so, when we end 62 years of terror in a dictatorial regime, no matter how much Sánchez does not say it so as not to anger his communist ministers.

Pablo Casado has taken advantage of his visit to Ávila to support Alfonso Fernández Mañueco’s pre-campaign for the presidency of Castilla y León, who, he has insisted, aspires to govern in solidarity “so as not to depend on parties or coalitions that end in disloyalty“. After putting distance with Vox, he has indicated that the PP is the party that “truly represents the emptied Spain”.

Faced with Garzón’s “attacks” on the sector, Casado has defended the “sustainable environmental model” from Castilla y León: “Large farms do not pollute, because they are highly technical and even use animal waste to make biofuels, which are used in production, heating and cooling processes. It’s a good symbiosis”, he reflected, “if cattle emit CO2, here we also have a forestry industry, for the production of wood or resins, and the forest mass captures CO2”.

European funds

On the other hand, Casado has supported the decision of Isabel Díaz Ayuso (supported by Mañueco and Feijóo) to denounce before the Supreme Court the arbitrary distribution of European funds by the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

Pablo Casado has denounced that “Spain’s image at an international level is in question for the management of European funds” and has ensured that the mayors and regional presidents of the PP are willing to “go to the end” before the Justice, if the Government does not make an equitable distribution of these resources.

The Government of Sánchez, he added, “prefers to distribute the funds by finger between the regional mayors and president of the PSOE, to the detriment of the citizens who live under the administrations of the PP”, thanks to the decree that approved in the Cortes with the support of Vox.

Although the PP initially considered appealing this issue before the Constitutional Court, in the case of the autonomous communities, the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court must decide, through the contentious-administrative route, since it is a conflict of competences.

The minors in care

The leader of the opposition has returned to direct a harsh attack against the PSOE for the cases of minors in care who were prostituted in the Balearic Islands and suffered sexual abuse in the Valencian Community.

In the case of the Valencian Community, he pointed out, “it was the caregivers themselves, including the husband of the vice president of the Generalitat Mónica Oltra, who abused the minors.” And when the case came to light, “They said that the minors were crazy and liars“.

The leader of the PP has recalled that Oltra’s ex-husband has been sentenced to five years in prison for these events, and that in the Balearic Islands the person in charge of the sheltered centers has been promoted to a new position. “Either Sánchez puts order, or we will understand that it seems good to him that these cases have passed and do not have criminal consequences.”

Another 155 in Catalonia

Pablo Casado has differentiated these cases from the four minors under guardianship in the Community of Madrid, who were sexually exploited by a network of pimps. In this case, he said, the minors were prostituted “outside the guardianship centers” and the Community of Madrid has appeared as an accusation when learning the facts.

Finally, Casado has considered that the Government of Pedro Sánchez must apply article 155 of the Constitution to assume the powers of the Generalitat in matters of Education, if the Executive of Pere Aragonés refuses to comply with the sentence that requires at least 25 % of teaching classes in Spanish.

“Article 155 is not an attack on autonomy, but preserves autonomy to guarantee compliance with the Constitution,” he argued. In this regard, he recalled the proposals of the PP to guarantee Spanish as the vehicular language throughout Spain and reinforce the authority of the High Educational Inspection.

Casado has also asked Sánchez to put an end to the Dialogue Table with the Generalitat and break with ERC, also in the more than 40 municipalities in which this party governs with the PSOE, after the president Pere Aragonés has called for a new independence referendum.

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