Mine was not my pet, it was my companion. She came to our family because fate wanted her to. A force more than understandable, made this precious french bulldog, born on April 17, 2014, was a huge joy in our lives.

He had titles and awards, which we found out about a long time later, but we never cared about that. We just wanted to give her a better quality of life and as much love as possible. She was a special warrior, because three days after taking over our home, a violent pyometra had her between life and death. But he resisted the operation and wanted to live. He wanted to give us his best version, even if it was complicated in his heart and kidneys.

I have a hard time explaining in words everything that implies talking about her. I can only say that Mia stole our hearts, with her angelic gaze and her few pranks or graces that she was willing to do. One of them is that every time I had to go to work, he climbed into the racket bag, something very uncomfortable to sleep or wait for me. Not athletic and less energetic, she was more of a territorial guard dog, with maternal instinct in everything she did. With her protective gaze, she listened to the voices of Martina and Josefa and wanted to always be close to them.

His gift was to stop his pointed ears and keep them for a while as a sign that I am here. He devoured his panitas or chicken dishes. Always hungry and waiting for Canela, the other dog in the house, to leave something for her to take advantage of the opportunity. Other times, he hoped that Tata Víctor would sit down to have breakfast, to place himself stealthily under the table and wait for his hand with a piece of bread or ham.

For months and after his operation, visits to the clinic to inject serum, controls, X-rays and injections were part of his routine. I know he didn’t like it, but he never refused. She was a boss, girl boss as the girls called him. She was a fighter of and for life. That is the great teaching that Mine left us.

A tumor on his back, with a very poor prognosis, caused numbness in his hind legs. He was losing mobility and muscle mass. Operating on her was too big a risk and after consulting a few vets, they all agreed. Mia will never walk again. You will need assistance. This is how the idea arose of looking for someone who could make a car to suit them, until we found it. He didn’t like it, but when he put it on, he managed to move for a few meters again. Sure, if there wasn’t a bit of chicken, it wouldn’t move. She was very smart and mischievous.

The cancer did its job and, this Wednesday the 12th, Mine couldn’t take it anymore. He had made a gigantic, colossal and enormous effort for a year, battling against his annoyances and inconveniences, but he never stopped giving away his tender and full of life gaze. She left accompanied by those who love and care for her. We were able to say goodbye and say thank you. Thanks for everything. Thanks for your look. Thanks for your little barks. Thank you for your thanks. Thank you for being mine. Thanks for being special.

Her eyes closed and with her went nearly three years of love, concern, and generosity. Its emptiness is immense and its silence even deeper. She was a champion of life, a winner of dreams and desires. It was a gift of life, impossible to ever forget.

That’s why the adoption experience is wonderful. It is an act to better understand these beings who become one of the family. They are not pets. They are family. They are the ones who unconditionally give us everything. Therefore, those who can and wish to do so, take the initiative and live it. It helps us to be more human and empathetic. They teach us the simple and simple of life.

La Mía left us that as a legacy and we are eternally grateful.

Good trip, Mine of my heart.

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