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Marc Márquez Smile again. The Repsol Honda rider spoke to the media for the first time since he fell while training on his enduro bike, and that he suffered from diplopia. The Catalan is progressing by leaps and bounds in his recovery and has already started riding the bike again. In his first appearance, he revealed that he weighed the option of not driving again and acknowledged that he had spent three very hard months.


“I am very happy, relieved, but still tense. It has been a very hard three months. Since the accident, I have followed the advice of my doctor, Dr. Sánchez Dalmau. It has been a slow process, because it affected the same nerve as in 2011. But in the last month and especially in the last few weeks, I have felt a great improvement. I cannot say that I am fully recovered because there are some planned steps that we need to be able to confirm that I am fully recovered. From the moment of the accident, we decided to use a conservative mode. It is clear that there were all the options on the table: conservative mode that was to let time pass, the option of an operation and the option of not being able to get on a motorcycle again, but it seems that the conservative option is paying off. Time fixes everything, that nerve and that muscle are working well. In these last weeks there has been a lot of improvement and practically the vision has recovered. Because this is something that you either see well or not. And if I’m on top of a motorcycle, I can see well. Now all that remains is to confirm and take this last step with a motorcycle as similar as possible to a MotoGP, a CBR or an RCV, on a GP circuit such as Montmeló, Valencia, Jerez or Portimao. The team is considering different possibilities to test and if everything goes well on a training day, at 300 km/h, then we will take the step of being in the tests in Malaysia. At the moment, we are happy, but caution. We follow the same plan of doing things well and not wanting to run more than necessary.

mental aspect

«Perhaps it has been one of the most difficult moments of my career, because it is already the fourth winter that I am injured. First with the right shoulder, then the left, then the arm and now that it seemed that the shoulder was doing better, another injury came when I had won again in Austin and in Misano and I felt good. But life is like that, you always have to be positive. It’s true that it was hard and I wouldn’t wish it on any rider, but in any case now I feel better. My goal will be to be in the Malaysian test or at least in the first race of the year. We are on the road, but first I need to test on a GP circuit at high speeds. Eyesight is a very serious thing, I have to follow my doctor’s advice.”

concern about injury

“Recovery of sight is not something you can plan. Either you have a clear vision or you don’t. It is On/Off. And when I have an injury I am the first one who wants to be well as soon as possible, but the experience in this case, because I lived through the same situation in 2011, made me realistic. No doctor tells you if you will recover in a month, three months or six months. It’s something they don’t even know. It was hard, but step by step I have been feeling better. But it is clear that with this type of injury, everything is on the table, even the possibility of not getting on a motorcycle again. So it’s been a tough time, but I started to feel better this last month, last week I was able to ride the bike and the feeling was good. The doctor confirmed this improvement and now I need to test myself on a GP circuit to check and be 100% sure that when the preseason starts I will be ready.”

rule out the operating room

“If I am riding a motorcycle, it is because the operation seems to be unnecessary. If I’m on top of the bike it’s because now I have perfect vision. But at the moment I am following the advice of the doctors and when I test myself on a GP circuit, at high speeds on a test day where I complete many laps, we will evaluate all the possibilities before we have the OK to go to the test in Malaysia. For this reason, from the first moment of the injury, we took the conservative path. If it hadn’t recovered over time, I would have had surgery, but this time everything seems to be going well, so I won’t need a new operation on my eye.”

arm status

«It is clear that I am not having a perfect pre-season and this time I have focused more on my sight, but we have not forgotten my shoulder. We have continued to work and now, once it seems that the vision is being solved, we are going to focus on this point. My priority this year is going to be my physique and this is what I’m going to try to take the best care of. I’m going to try to surround myself with the best, those who give me the confidence to take care of my arm, which is now in better shape than how I finished the season, but we have to prevent irritation, possible problems, but now I’m enjoying these first few days motorcycle”.


“The accident was a normal day. I got up, I took the enduro bike to train and I was riding on a small circuit near my town. I was with Josep García, enduro world champion, with whom I have a very good relationship. We stopped running the circuit, but then we said: ‘OK, let’s do a few more laps before we leave’. At that moment I fell in a curve to the right. I kind of had a ‘highside’ and hit my head on the ground. But I got up, got back on the bike and went home. I arrived, I took a shower and about three hours later I started to feel something strange in my eyes and in my head. I called my doctor, told him how I felt and he said, ‘Okay, don’t worry, wait. The first week is normal’. But after the first week we saw that the problem was still there and that’s when we confirmed it. At first the doctors advised me to be calm, because sometimes in the first few weeks it can resolve itself. But if the problem is not resolved in the first few weeks, wait a long time and it has. The risk is always there; If you stay on the couch and don’t take risks, you’ll run all the races, but you won’t be the best in the world.”

will continue to train off road

«Off road is dangerous, but it is also dangerous if you train with a CBR1000 in a circuit that is not a GP, because the loopholes are smaller. But in the end, you need to train.”

Life without taking a motorcycle

«From the mental point of view, as has been seen on social networks, I have tried to forget about the world. I have tried to forget everything and lead a normal life with my people and be at home. Especially in the first weeks of the injury. Obviously, it is difficult and hard. Especially when you have a vision problem in the first month you cannot lead a normal life. The sensations were not good. It’s difficult, but then when you get back on the bike, the sensations are even better and more beautiful. For this reason I have always said that I do not wish this type of problem or injury on anyone, because it is a long break and all drivers need to have a passion in their life.

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