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  • Luis Cepeda, in an exclusive interview for Divinity

  • The artist is about to release his third album and tells us about ‘Another day, his latest single

Cepeda has managed to leave his hallmark in ‘Another day more’, his latest single, which speaks of “a relationship that you have to leave because it’s not getting you anywhere and you don’t want to waste the other person’s time”. This is what he himself explained in an exclusive talk with Adolfo Rodríguez for Divinity. The artist, hours before his song could be heard, explained to us that he has noticed a “more mature evolution” that can be seen on his records. In a few months the third will be released and he is already preparing the concert tour under the name ‘eternal’, which means “something that will last forever and has no end”. He hopes that this is his career, but on a personal level he also dreams that his family could last forever.

In this exclusive talk, the singer has talked about social networks, among many other things. It’s been a long time since Luis Cepeda self-censored on his Twitter account and decided to leave his opinion private and comment only on what is related to the professional field. “You have one, there are people who have another and they give it to you in a bad way. When you receive that, you stop giving your opinion, you learn and that’s it. I can never comment on anything because there is always a comment, that’s why I’m done“, he confessed.

Luis Cepeda gets wet about politics and the latest statements by Ana Guerra

On more than one occasion, the artist has made a comment in which he has hinted at his political thought. As he has admitted to us, his political opinion “it is neither to the right nor to the left” but the carca and the extreme surpass it. “There are many homophobic attitudes, against women or in favor of animal abuse that the extreme right has with which I do not agree. My opinion has always been politically correct, I have never insulted anyone in particular. People who think like that attack and you get insulted for thinking differently, but you live with it,” he replied.

Always respecting the opinion of his partner, Cepeda has also had no problem responding to the controversial statements made by Ana Guerra some days ago. The artist said that she had stopped having a relationship with some colleagues from ‘Operación Triunfo’ and that she came to “be jealous and envy” some of the careers that other artists achieved.

Given this, Luis explained that each person who left the program “saw his life and his career” as he wanted to see it. “Each one has inside what they do and what they want to do, their insecurities, their securities and their music. I have not felt undervalued, it is to feel different. You have your audience, your music and your career. That’s Ana’s thing, obviously I respect her opinion.”, I have answered.

In addition, the artist has confessed that they have all congratulated each other on Christmas and that it has been “very nice” but that it is “impossible” for you to get along with everyone: “Each one has their thoughts and their ideology. Each one feels what they feel with the group that we have formed”. Press play to listen to the full interview!

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