"left me dead": Julián Muñoz, breathless before the most hurtful thing he did with the press

‘It’s not time for revenge, it’s time to tell the truth’, and also of the deepest confessions in the mouth of Julián Muñoz. The one who was Isabel Pantoja’s partner at the beginning of the 2000s has granted an exclusive interview to Paloma García Pelayo to let off steam in front of all viewers.

In the pure style of Rocío Carrasco’s docuseries, this documentary talk produced by Mandarina for Telecinco has served as reminder of the pompous ‘Case Malaya’, from Julián’s failed and short love story with the tonadillera, but above all so that the former mayor of Marbella gets rid of the deep pain of what has been silent until now.

“I have behaved badly, I have been a dog with the press”

Almost two decades after the most publicized urban corruption scandal in recent times, one of the protagonists has sat down to share his version of the events with the audience, after years refusing visits to television sets or interviews in media. And it is precisely the press who, in some way, he has wanted to address in regret of his embarrassing treatment in his period of economic, labor and sentimental boom.

“It is a lie that we have behaved well with the press. We have been rude and unreasonable with the press“, He has dared to confess after recalling several scuffles with reporters on the street when he did not detach himself from the owner of Cantora.

Julián Muñoz, in ‘It’s not time for revenge’. (Media set)

“I remember there was a girl who always saw me put the artichoke in me, and I said to her: ‘How is your father?“, he reveals, referring to a reporter who, as she says, at first she took it well, but that repeated treatment of the journalist played a trick on her some time later.

Telecinco pisses off the audience for what it allows Julián Muñoz de Pantoja to tell


“Another day came in which he puts the artichoke in me and I tell him: ‘And your father, how is he?’. To bad host. Says: ‘He died last week“. “He left me dead, I didn’t know what to say. I asked forgiveness. She was a lovely girl. I have misbehaved, I have been a dog with the press“, admits the protagonist, totally despondent and out of breath after remembering such an unfortunate situation.

“I got infected” by Isabel Pantoja

It has been inevitable to remember the countless confrontations that both Julián and the singer had with the press every time they were caught on the street. Rifirrafes in El Rocío, in Marbella, the famous “teeth, teeth, that’s what bothers them”, or the remembered moment of tension experienced in the Canary Islands when he called “¡Golfos!” the journalists, and even took away the microphone and attacked one of the reporters who was trying to interview them.

Julián Muñoz and Isabel Pantoja, in ‘It’s not time for revenge’. (Media set)

“I had never had any problem with the press, and I don’t want to say that as Isabel Pantoja had a bad relationship with the press I inherited it from her, no! I got infected and lost my papers“, he acknowledges, in addition to throwing a tremendous dart at what was his “addictive” partner before and during his stay in prison.

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