Knives fly between Carmen Borrego and Kiko Matamoros in 'Sálvame': "Mamporrera!"

The Flores Moreno ‘serial’, with Marta Riesco in the middle, does not stop generating content in various spaces of Mediaset Spain. After the journalist from ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ confirmed her relationship with Antonio David (having denied it a few months ago), all eyes fell on Olga and Rocío Flores, who in theory did not know anything about the new partner of the former Civil Guard. This Friday, January 14, Kiko Matamoros and Carmen Borrego in ‘Sálvame’ have faced each other as a result of the news.

Although Riesco spoke this Thursday in ‘AR’, the daughter of María Teresa Campos has not spoken about the matter until this afternoon and has put in the same bag of ‘liars’ the one who was the husband of Rocío Carrasco, her daughter and her already ex-wife: “It’s clear that we’ve all been cheated on for many years. The family, the big family, like the movie. They are the family and one more, as it also says.

Carmen Borrego, about the Flores Moreno: “They have been deceiving us for a long time”

“I think everyone is aware of many things. Nobody has been surprised by almost anything and it was something obvious, just as there have been other people who have not been made public, but who have been known,” said Borrego, putting on the table the infidelities of the former collaborator of the format of La Fábrica de la Tele to Olga have been common throughout their marriage.

Nuria Marín, at the head of the program this Friday, wanted to know if her partner believed the tears of Rocío Flores in ‘Ana Rosa’, moved by the live support call from Olga Moreno and by the confusion of the situation that his father had generated. Of course, negative response from Terelu’s sister: “I stopped believing them a long time ago. I still feel sorry for the same people”

Kiko Matamoros, collaborator of ‘Sálvame’. (Mediaset Spain)

For her part, Gema López has focused on the figure of the women involved in this mess. The first to receive the ‘stick’ from the collaborator was Marta Riesco: “I’m a little hallucinating. Marta is not guilty of anything, of any breakup. Marta may have been the icing on the cake, but when someone wants to be a journalist and a professional, they don’t answer questions like ‘are you in love?’ or ‘when did you start with him?'”

Rocío Flores, face to face with Marta Riesco in ‘Ana Rosa’: “I prefer not to cross the line”

X. Miguelez

However, López has stood up for Olga Moreno and Rocío Flores and has made ugly, especially Carmen Borrego, who “crucifies” them when the real driver of the controversy is Antonio David. “I am saying that, for a long time, before the separation, they have sold us being the family that they were not,” Borrego insisted. It was a comment that made Matamoros jump: “But didn’t you sell that the relationship with your niece was great?”.

Carmen Borrego in ‘Save me’. (Mediaset Spain)

“But what are you saying, boy? That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about. You too… Well, I’m not talking about your family”, Carmen responded, who just after was accused by Kiko of rejoicing at the misfortunes of the Flores Moreno clan. “I’m not happy about anyone’s misfortune. Don’t put things in my mouth that I haven’t said,” the Telecinco talk show host begged, noting that Antonio David has left his daughter and her ex in a really compromised position.

“Of course, as his father has failed him, now Carmen Borrego and four mamporreros come …”, the one who was a celebrity representative has released, using a qualifier that Borrego liked little or nothing: “Don’t call me a thug! I haven’t disrespected you. I just said that I don’t believe it”.

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