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  • In a few hours Guillaume will wake up and could tell everything

  • Clotilde is the only one who knows that Vincent is Jérémy’s real father.

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Clotilde is on the ropes. Célia and Jérémy have discovered that the teacher and the girl’s father had a relationship in the past and they think that, now that Guillaume is in a coma, they are resuming it. This could be the cause of Clotilde’s bad relationship with her son’s new girlfriend, but Célia thinks there is more lake. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Guillaume is doing well after a crisis that stopped his heart. If everything goes according to plan, That same afternoon they will proceed to remove the sedation and extubate him, so he could tell everything.

In the next chapter of ‘Elite Chefs’, Jérémy will want to clear up doubts once and for all. You will go to the hospital and witness your father regain consciousness: “You’ve been lying for weeks, that’s why you don’t want me to see dad”, he tells his mother. Clotilde will do everything possible to avoid it, but her son has already made his decision: “It’s not your decision. You won’t stop me from going to the hospital.”

For her part, Célia asks Vincent for explanations for hiding her relationship with Auguste Armand’s daughter. But nevertheless, not even Jérémy’s own biological father knows that the young man is his son. How will he react when he finds out? In addition, it seems that the couple has not closed the old wounds of the past and Clotilde has confessed to her husband that sometimes she wishes he would not wake up. Will the love story that ended 20 years ago resume? Will Clotilde be able to leave Guillaume?

Claire discovers the relationship between Salome and Maxime

As if Salomé’s situation wasn’t tense enough, things get even more complicated for her. She is clear that she does not want to continue her relationship with Louis but she does not finish taking the step. She takes it out on Maxime, but can’t bring herself to have a secret relationship with him either. In one of these clandestine meetings, Claire, Louis’s mother, catches them kissing and gives the young woman an ultimatum: either she leaves Maxime in 24 hours or she will tell her son everything.

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Intense days are approaching at the Auguste Armand. Teyssier prepares his return to school from the outside by allying himself with a journalist who will write an article against Noémie. The professor is willing to detoxify himself and wants his wife, as a nurse, to monitor him. On the other hand, Ludivine has ended up asking her brother for money to replace the one he stole from Élodie’s cash register, although he hasn’t managed to make up with her. Do not miss your appointment with ‘Elite Chefs’ if you want to witness how the course continues in the most demanding culinary institute in France. From Monday to Friday 2:30 p.m., at Divinity.

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