Hundreds of people affected by the 56 Christmas Lottery numbers that were sung and cannot be collected

The Christmas Lottery continues to generate controversy every year. But now the scandal is capital. At least 56 numbers from the last December draw that were sung by the Children of San Ildefonso do not now appear as winners in the official list of State Lotteries and Bets (SELAE) and other similar ones appear in their place. The winners who had those numbers are unable to collect them because they are not on the official list and have already made an official claim.

Those affected are currently numbered in the hundreds and 56 numbers may not seem like much among the 1,794 pedreas awarded with 1,000 euros per series, about 100 euros per tenth, but raised to larger numbers if all the tenths of all the tickets of those had been sold. numbers we are talking about 9,600,000 euros in prizes that have flown and the Treasury has stayed or at least will not pay for the moment. On the other side of the coin are those who were graced but their number is not sung live. If they did not go to the official SELAE list and trusted only what they picked up by ear in the lottery room, they have been able to mistakenly get rid of the tenth winners.

But how is it possible that 56 numbers are called wrong and who is to blame? Olga Majoral, a Barcelona lawyer who has begun to collect the first complaints in her firm, explains to OKDIARIO that «as always, the State Lotteries and Bets try to blame the weakest, the children of San Ildefonso who sing the numbers and say that they have sung them wrong, but someone should assume their responsibility because we are not talking about a bingo between friends on vacation in the town, we are talking about a millionaire draw that is supposed to be held with all the guarantees and there is an inspector who should check in real time that the number is correct because there are people following the draw live that when they don’t sing their numbers, he throws them in the trash or if he checks it in the newspapers that they type in real time, that number won’t come out either». We are talking about a draw played by some 25.5 million Spaniards who spend an average of 66 euros per Spaniard.

the buffet of Majoral Bustos has collected all and each of these 56 failures and has compared them with the numbers that were awarded according to the official list. This list can be found on his blog. Olga Majoral’s office came to the case by a businessman from Rubí who bought 52 tenths of the 59,395, called during the draw, but later turned out not to be awarded. In this case we are talking about a loss of 5,200 euros.

Another case that has emerged from this peculiar Christmas Lottery draw is that of Montserrat Massana, a businesswoman from Viladecans, bought 74 tenths of 29,281, a number that was sung at the pedrea, at 100 euros for a tenth, a total of 7,400 euros and from which to date he has not been able to collect anything since said number does not appear on the official list of winners.

«We do not understand that SELAE wants to hide what happened, it does not seem like a good transparency practice. The dynamics of the draw does not work as it is established and must change”, adds Majoral, who has already presented a Administrative Appeal before State Lotteries and Gambling (SELAE) to “collect the numbers called like the rest of the winners and that the dynamics of the draw change so that your number can be checked in real time”. In the event that the claim is not dealt with positively, those affected will go with their complaint to the Contentious-Administrative Courts, because “we do not believe that there is a criminal offense, we do not see fraud at the moment, although many people wonder how it is possible that this happens with 56 numbers in the same draw ».

While the shadow of suspicion hangs over the draw, SELAE hides behind the fact that the only official list is its own and that when the draw ends, all the prizes and numbers of all the tables are compared, marking the computerized lists by the members of the five tables. Later, at the National Currency and Stamp Factory, and for the definitive and official preparation of the list, all the numbers and their corresponding prize are reviewed again.

It is not the first time that the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw Nacional suffers from this type of incident, since in 1987 one of the girls sang El Gordo by mistake as if it were a stone and in 1986 they forgot to sing it. Nor can we forget the year that the balls fell all over the Palacio de Loterías stage, while the managers picked them up one by one.

At the moment the victims of the Christmas Lottery do not stop going to Majoral that “this very Friday afternoon I have received several calls from people in Madrid affected by this matter and some are businessmen who have distributed among their employees, but others even shares among friends or relatives with the consequent prejudice, that is why we believe that they should be rewarded also those 56 numbers sung”, confirms to OKDIARIO.

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