You are currently viewing Hugo Herrera and opposition to the Government of Boric: “One would expect two rights to appear”

Gabriel Boric’s government is about to be installed and the behavior of what will be the opposition raises questions that various analysts try to answer. One of them, the analyst Hugo Herrera, linked to the country’s political right.

For the expert, the logical thing would be for the future opposition to end up divided into two, one tougher and the other more moderate, as long as Gabriel Boric moves intelligently and is capable of generating this friction on the right.

“It seems to me that after a short while one would expect two right-wingers to appear, just as there is a tougher right-wing in the Lower House, unwilling to negotiate, I believe that we are also going to have in the Senate -which will be the relevant institution- two rights, this as long as Boric acts well”.

“If Boric proposes thoughtful, common-sense reforms, probably the Ossandón group, Paulina Núñez, that lot, will approve those reforms and, in that case, the right will be divided, between a more center-right and the right that is going to defend the economic model at all costs”, added Herrera.

According to the analyst’s point of view, the differentiation of the right should not represent a major challenge for the future government, since Boric has stood out for encouraging dialogue and reaching consensus.

“Boric easily has the ability to generate agreements with a good part of the right,” said the expert.

For Herrera, Boric’s adequate strategy to have a certain sector of the right is betting on the gradualness of his reforms, because “if he goes for the maximum and crashes against the Senate again and again, that will show some incompetence.”

Regarding the I Approve Dignity coalition, the expert referred to the role of the Communist Party in the Government, this, given Boric’s much more moderate tone regarding the discourse of the community led by Guillermo Teillier.

According to Herrera, and despite the warnings from the center and the political right, the PC should not represent a major obstacle for Boric, taking into account, above all, the history of the store that knows when to moderate and when not.

In any case, he did not rule out a certain tension within the PC regarding the intensity of the reforms. “In the PC a certain dispute could open up, I think more practical than ideological,” he concluded.

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