How to ensure that your health pass is not deactivated

CORONAVIRUS – Between 500,000 and 700,000 people who are not up to date with their vaccines against Covid-19 theoretically risk seeing their health pass deactivated this Saturday, January 15.

A number, however, undoubtedly overestimated, admitted Olivier Véran at the start of the week when he was asked about the passes deactivated on this deadline.

How do I keep my pass? Then24 summarizes the necessary conditions below.

Timing for booster dose

At the end of November, by opening the vaccine recall to all adults, the government announced that it would be necessary to extend the health pass, which will soon be replaced by a vaccine pass. In the absence of a reminder or a reinstatement certificate, the pass may be deactivated from January 15.

This does not mean that the booster must necessarily have been done before this date, which simply corresponds to the entry into force of the mechanism: from Saturday, the pass will be deactivated for people who have not had a booster dose a maximum of 7 months after the last injection or their infection.

For those over 65 and people with comorbidities, who had access to the recall in September, this deadline was December 15.

Please note that this deadline will change: on February 15, it will thereafter be 4 months. All people who had their second before October 15 must therefore have had their third dose otherwise their pass will be deactivated.

Not sure of your deadline? The Ministry of Health has made a simulator available on its website (Click here). By entering your age, type of vaccine and date of your last injection, you will obtain the day on which your health/vaccination pass expires.

Recent infection to record

For now, 29.5 million people have received their reminder since the opening of the campaign on September 1 and then its gradual expansion to all majors.

But among the 500 to 700,000 people without a recall, “there is a significant number who have presented with an infection and who have not yet put the proof of their recent infection in their Tous Anti Covid system”, recalled Olivier Véran.

This situation, however, in fact prolongs the validity of their pass, he explained. With this proof recorded in the application, people who are positive for Covid before their 3rd dose can therefore wait 3 months after their infection to do their reminder.

Attention, it will be necessary per account not to wait more than 7 months to make this injection (then 4 months from February 15, 2022), otherwise this time your health/vaccination pass will be deactivated, recalls the government site.

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