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  • I am aware of my own good qualities, I am sweet and understanding”

  • “I am happy. I am alive and I have hope”

  • Gizem Arıkan became known as Meryem in ‘Ömer Stolen Dreams’

Stunned. This is how the followers of Gizem Arıkan, the protagonist of ‘Ömer, stolen dreams’, have remained. The actress has granted a sincere interview to the Turkish magazine ‘Hurriyet’ and His statements about his physical appearance have not left anyone indifferent. “I feel embarrassed when someone praises me. I like it, but I’m really embarrassed. I don’t know what to say. I’m not a very beautiful person. I trust my energy but I don’t think I’m a very pretty girl.”, has said the actress, who assures that Tuba Büyüküstün or Alina Boz are what she considers authentic beauties.

But if the actress has some doubts about her physical attractiveness, the same does not happen with her other qualities. “I am aware of my own good qualities in terms of temperament. I am sweet and I think I am an understanding person, but outwardly, I’m not a very pretty girl.”

A woman happy

And another of the great virtues of the actress is her optimism. Gizem Arıkan is the one who always sees the bright side and feels lucky with little things. “I am happy. I am alive, I am healthy, I have hope. Thanks god my parents are alive and well. I can call someone when I’m bored. And I also think that I am an extremely lucky when it comes to friends. I think I’m a very good friend”, confessed the actress, who acknowledges that everything she has lived has led her to this moment of peace and happiness. “I have had very difficult times. In fact, if he told those stories, you might wonder how he was so happy. After going through those processes, my perspective on life has changed a bit. Now I think like that,” said the actress, who did not want to go into more detail about what she has experienced. “It’s not really bad. Let’s just say I went through a painful period,” explained the protagonist of ‘Ömer, stolen dreams’, who is one of those who always gets something out of all experiences, even bad ones. “I want some of the pain to stay with me.”

a frustrated singer

Although she has become one of the most popular actresses in her country, the truth is that Gizem dreamed of dedicating herself to another artistic discipline. “Actually, I wanted to be a singer but my voice is not good,” the actress acknowledged with amusement, recalling how in her childhood she took advantage of any moment to sing. “I loved to take something in my hand and sing in front of the mirror. Then I saw that there is no sound.”

Aware that the song was not his thing, his artistic concerns led him to find his way. “Then I watched TV and started imitating people. I liked it.” However, his parents did not make it easy for him. “I wanted to study acting but my family didn’t want it and they told me to do it as a hobby. I studied logistics at Denizli Pamukkale University. But he still had a passion for experimentation. Then I signed up with an agency. I started to like it, I felt happier. I went to so many auditions. I was still naive back then. So I said I’m going to drop all work and go to the course. When I went to the course, I met my agents and it all happened by chance.”

‘Ömer, stolen dreams’, the series that changed his life

And all those coincidences led him to get his big break in 2019. That year the script for ‘Ömer, stolen dreams’ and his first leading role came into his hands. She was in charge of giving life to Meryem, the protagonist of this dramatic story that moved Divinity viewers.

Levent and Meryem, the protagonists of ‘Ömer, stolen dreams’

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