For fear of assaults, they go to the pantry in remís

Fidel, 95, recounted how he was duped by a gang of swindlers / demian alday

There are countless voices from the Monasterio neighborhood that affirm that the sector has been, for at least 10 years, damaged in terms of security. Those who live in the area list with resignation that the street outbursts perpetrated by motorcycles, the entrances, theft of auto parts and clashes between gangs are commonplace in the neighborhood.

Neighbors who spoke with this newspaper yesterday used the same label to refer to how the insecurity situation is today. “The social fabric has cracked to such an extent that neighbors distrust their own neighbors. Missed the ‘good morning’, the ‘good afternoon’. At 7 we are all saved”, specified a front man from the area of ​​76 and 12.

It is in this context that the robbery suffered by a 95-year-old retiree who lives on Calle 77, between 12 and 12 bis, seemed “strange” to many. “Rare because of the modality. One listens to ‘Uncle’s story’ and immediately thinks of the Center, of the buildings. It’s rare that these things happen here in the area. We are more used to hearing about violent robberies,” said Rodolfo, a taxi driver who presented as proof of his analysis a peculiarity of his work that is already becoming the norm.

“We have a lot of female clients who call us for a three- or five-block ride. They go to a relative’s house or to the pantry. And what can you do? We have to take them, we can’t say no. They are afraid. After 7, nobody wants to walk in the street. We are always attentive. So far nothing has happened to us drivers but you never know”, he pointed out and added “we are very careful that they don’t catch you walking alone, that they don’t target you”.

Perhaps for this reason, no one in the neighborhood thought it strange that last Tuesday afternoon a white 4×4 truck with two strangers parked on the block and that one of them later entered the house of a retiree. In the words of the victim himself, “the guys already came with everything cooked.”

“They rushed me. They didn’t let me think. It was all very fast,” said Fidel, the victim, referring to the phone call he received from the scammers. Under the ruse that he was the brother and was with his granddaughter, a man asked him to collect all his savings, because they were going to pick them up to deposit them in a bank. The victim pointed out that the person who was on the other end of the phone mentioned a sensitive piece of information that disturbed him and made him step on the stick.

“The guy pretended to be my brother. ‘You are not my brother’ I remember saying to him. ‘My throat is taken, that’s why you don’t recognize me. I’m in the bank. Hurry up, I’m going to miss my turn,’ he replied. Then he told me to look for silver in my bedside table. I kept my money there. That’s why I got confused. Then I remembered that he had told me to look under the mattress and on top of the refrigerator. He threw several options and some were going to hit him. And I stayed with the bedside table. I focused only on that and I lost”, explained Fidel about how he got entangled in the maneuver.

Suspecting nothing strange, the owner of the house prepared 3,000 pesos and 200 dollars. As indicated, at 1:00 p.m., a van pulled up to the corner. “A tall, dark-haired guy” got out of the unit, went to Fidel’s house. “He had the money in his envelope that he had left on the table. I was asking him some questions and when I turned around to take the cat out, the guy slapped the envelope and told me he had to go because he still had to go get other envelopes, “he recalled.

Fidel let the subject go with the peace of mind that he had deposited his savings in good hands. But as usually happens, after a time of the fact, the victim began to doubt and, finally, realized that he had been scammed. “They melted me down. But everything comes back, “he closed.

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