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Either the government acts fast, or we will face a meltdown again. in the country’s hospital network. In fact, the government has taken too long, as usual. The number of infected by Covid frighteningly increases and it becomes very difficult to provide care to those infected by the virus. Everything got complicated with the arrival of the Ômicron variant. The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, says that Ômicron is a challenge given the fear of a new outbreak of Covid-19, which can cause serious problems in the health system. But the minister is not very convinced that this can happen. Everything is still uncertain. It speaks according to the government’s distant playbook. Even so, the minister notes that vaccination has barred the most serious cases caused by the strain. But he admits that other countries are losing control of the situation, which could also happen in Brazil. However, it states that the Ômicron is more transmissible, but of less seriousness. “We have to have optimism, but an optimism with a lot of caution”, says Queiroga, noting that all care is always welcome.

In fact, for the time being, the Ministry of Health has not spoken seriously about the danger of collapse. But just remember that in the first week of January, cases of new infections increased 300% compared to the last week of December 2021. What can be seen is that, once again, Brazil, due to negligence, is again late in the face of of a problem that could explode in a few days. The country is always late because it follows a policy against any kind of fight against Covid. It only takes action when the issue reaches the limit and even then acts showing ill will.

After a lot of pressure on a government that clearly shows disinterest, the Ministry of Health sent this Thursday, 13th, the request to the anvisa to authorize the self test of Covid-19, one of the ways to prevent and stop the transmission of the virus, along with vaccination, mask use and social distancing. The self-test can be performed at home or on the go and produces fast results. People who test positive should immediately isolate to prevent further infections. A note from the Ministry of Health notes that no one is obliged to do the self-test, but adds that it is an excellent screening strategy due to the short time for the result, and the isolation of positive cases can be quickly started.

Doctor Ludhmila Hajjar, in an interview with the newspaper Or Balloon, from Rio de Janeiro, observed that the lack of tests makes the problem even more difficult, causing Brazil to not have the real dimension of the issue that is getting worse every day. It could happen in the country what has been happening in the United States and European countries, where Ômicron spreads at a speed that was not imagined. Doctor Hajjar has published 21 articles calling attention to the danger. Working at Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo and at Rede D’or, Ludhmila Hajjar was invited by the president Jair Bolsonaro to be Minister of Health, after the departure of General Eduardo Pazuello, who held the position. But she refused.

He says that at the pace at which everything is happening, the collapse in the hospital network could happen in a few days. The number of infections will increase even more in laboratories and there will certainly be a lack of health professionals for care, as a large number are away due to contamination. It means that the problem starts to get out of control. Hajjar said that the most serious cases of Covid-19 are people who refused to be vaccinated. The ICUs are currently only with unvaccinated cases. The doctor notes that the lack of tests is fundamental for this state in which the situation is approaching. The Ministry of Health finally asked Anvisa to release these tests, but, as usual, it took a long time to act. If home tests were being used, we probably wouldn’t get to what we’re seeing now. Several countries in the world are using the home test to face the disease. But in Brazil everything is very slow.

Anvisa had been clarifying that the self-test registration of infectious diseases is subject to compulsory notification, such as Covid-19, “if there is a public health policy and action strategy established by the Ministry of Health”. That’s how it works in Brazil. Lots of talk and official notes, while the disease has a clear path and the government stands idly by. And added to this pre-chaos state caused especially by those who refused to vaccinate, the astonishing number of health professionals removed from care because of the disease.

The National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass) released on Wednesday, 12, a letter to the Minister of Health warning of the establishment of a new wave of Covid cases in Brazil, as a result of the rapid advance of the Ômicron variant in community transmission. in all regions of the country. The Health Secretaries demanded from the federal government “immediate national decisions” to avoid the collapse of public and private health systems, as preventable deaths may occur due to the non-guarantee of access to hospitalization. You have to ask yourself: “So what?”. Hence nothing. The serious problem is advancing and it was not for lack of warning.

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