Álvaro Cervera, the pain and indignation of being fired from Cádiz with a cold letter

In Cádiz have taken to the streets to protest the ways in which Manuel Vizcaíno has fired Alvaro Cervera. He is not just any coach. He was the technician who deserved the respect and support of the president and with whom he had to go ahead. Due to a poor run of results, for having the penultimate team, Vizcaíno’s patience ran out. It has fired leaving the entire second round to look for a turning point, a team reaction that manages to change the dynamics and there are signs that permanence in the First Division is possible.

The controversy It is not the dismissal, which is still not accepted by that legion of cadismo that sees Cervera as the ideal technician to achieve the objective, but how it has been produced. Álvaro Cervera found out from the press of his dismissal, received a message on his phone, without there being an official communication and then a letter from the club arrived alleging the objective reasons for the dismissal of the position. All very cold. This is the pain and indignation that Cervera and all those fans have who went to the gates of the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium (the old Carranza as they continue to call it in the streets of the city) to wrap up their idol and charge, shouting “resignation ”, against Manuel Vizcaino.

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Ulises Sanchez-Flor

The president lowered his thumb with Álvaro Cervera after a few months of much wear, in which there have been friction, discrepancies due to the style of play, the management of the squad and disciplinary measures. Cervera points to September 26, the day that Cádiz lost in Vallecas and some players went to a nightclub to party, as the trigger for the problems. The relationship between Vizcaíno and Cervera was broken. The coach began to see the president taking distance and interfering in areas that are within his competence.

Crossed out for playing ugly

The bad results have taken away a coach who is revered in Cadiz. But what has hurt the most Cervera they are the forms of his dismissal and the words of Vizcaíno justifying it. “The team conveyed a certain sadness,” says the top president. The replacement is Sergio González, former coach of Valladolid, who is asked by the club to make the football proposal more offensive, daring and for the team to take a step forward to score more goals and win games. It’s not going to be easy at all. In Cádiz they did not like that he negotiated his arrival when Cervera was still with a valid contract. The atmosphere is rarefied.

Álvaro Cervera has never hidden that he is a coach with a defensive philosophy, but also warned that last season’s save was “a miracle.” With the squad he had, with the disciplinary problems, he was once again conservative. “Playing well does not give us to score. We will have to go back to being an ugly team”, he commented. again more frictions with the president for the method in the field and the management of the staff’s resources. Álvaro Cervera is a coach and a person without filters. Capable of beating Zidane’s Real Madrid last season and drawing against Ancelotti’s at the Bernabéu. Sincere, direct and humble to apologize to the Italian coach for locking himself up to get a point. The same as charges against arbitrations, the VAR and the format of the Copa del Rey. This type of machadas has not been worth anything. They have struck him down.

Sergio González in his presentation as the new coach of Cádiz together with Manuel Vizcaíno

The complaints of the Cádiz fans point to the club, its lack of sensitivity and transparency, for being too presidential. They point to Álvaro Cervera’s management over Vizcaíno’s as the key to being in the First Division. All the tensions have come out after a dismissal that is not accepted by the fans. Cervera is responsible for the team rising from Second B to First Division and that he managed to stay in the top flight last season. It had been 30 years since Cádiz had been in the First Division for two seasons in a row. The culprit is Cervera, according to those protesting at the doors of the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium, for doing an honest, professional and rigorous job.

A lord and a savior

‘El Gafa’ is the nickname given by Cadista fans to Alvaro Cervera when one day he appeared in the press room with some yellow glasses and then some images appeared in a bar in Tarifa with a bracelet with a miniature of those yellow glasses. Cervera is a beloved coach in Cádiz, the one who has directed the most matches on the bench (258 with 100 victories), and who made his motto popular to achieve success: “The fight is not negotiated”. He connected with the social mass. This loss is irreparable for the cadismo that wanted its continuity, but especially for those who are angry about the forms of dismissal.

With Cervera He has lacked lordship and elegance, according to the protesters who crowd the gates of the stadium, because he is considered a lord and a savior. The Peñas Federation wanted to pay tribute to him. The Spanish-Guinean coach who arrived in April 2016 and put Cádiz back on the map. There is mistrust with the decisions made by the club and they are not only the responsibility of Manuel Vizcaíno. There is a new shareholder, the American businessman Ben Harburg, who lives in Beijing and who, as soon as he took over a 6.5% stake, said that the Cádiz brand had to be expanded throughout Asia and that “in two or three years we can aspire to the Europa League.

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Alvaro Cervera He has left his mark on Cádiz and is hurt by Manuel Vizcaíno. He did not even want to name him in his farewell appearance and threw a dart: “I am not going to comment on Vizcaíno. I have remembered the people I had to remember. I once saw a report about an elite athlete who was being paid tribute to and I will end with a phrase from him: thank you for so much and sorry for so little”. Cervera is at the heart of cadismo and has been given a mass bath, despite acknowledging that they had to play “ugly”.

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