A 2TB SSD in your mobile?  Micron presents the world's smallest SSD, only 3 centimeters

It is possible that, very soon, mobiles will be able to use SSD disks with Terabytes of capacity. At least that’s what Micron claims.

One of the leading brands in the manufacture of RAM and storage memories, Micron, has announced the smallest SSD in the world.

Micron 2400 SSD M.2 measure only 22 x 30 mm, but in just 3 centimeters in length it can store up to 2TB of data. A conventional M.2 SSD is 8 inches long.

It is so small that fits in a smartphone. In fact, according to Micron’s press release, this SSD only 3 inches is thought to “phones, drones, consoles, artificial intelligence laptops, and cars”.

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So it is possible that, very soon, we have mobiles or a Nintendo Switch console with 2 TB of storage, leaving behind the already outdated Gigabytes.

How has Micron managed to pack so much capacity into such a small space?

The key is that this new Micron 2400 SSD range uses 176 layers of NAND storage, compared to 96 layers of other memories.

Each of these layers is 5 times thinner than a sheet of paper.

they are going to launch three different form factors, including an intermediate one 4.2 centimeters long. All three will be available in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB sizes, and are compatible PCI-e 4.0.

Best of all, the size reduction does not affect performance. On the contrary, since the data is closer, it can be read and written faster.

Data I/O speed increases by 33%, and latency decreases by 24%. Sequential read speed is 4,500 MBps, while writing reaches 4,000 Mbps.

Although they do not reach the 7,000 MBps of the fastest PCI-e 4.0 SSDs, here you have to appreciate the small size, which can be very useful for mini PCs, portable devices, or as Micron mentions, even mobile phones, portable consoles and drones.

2TB versions have a lifecycle of 600TBW (Terabytes written), while those of 512 GB remain at 150 TBW. This data indicates the TB that can be written to the SSD, before it begins to deteriorate.

These new Micron SSDs are already shipping to stores, so they will be on sale in a few weeks, although no prices have been indicated.

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