The Prosecutor's Office highlights the "devastating" evidence of the fixing of contracts of the 'Gürtel' network in Boadilla

The Prosecutor’s Office has highlighted this Thursday the “devastating” and “overwhelming” evidences that confirm the corruption of the plot belt in the Madrid municipality of Boadilla between 2001 and 2009.

In these blunt terms he has pronounced the prosecutor Concepción Nicolás, in the first session of the year 2022 on the piece Boadilla of the macrocause, when the judgment is already coming to an end.

One of the reasons for this relative speed is the acknowledgment of the facts by a large part of the 24 accused. And this is one of the elements that the Public Ministry has highlighted when assessing the large amount of evidentiary evidence that would show that a corrupt plot installed in the Boadilla City Council assured awards to certain companies in exchange for commissions to leaders of the Popular Party.

All this, the prosecutor has exposed, despite the complexity of the large number of financial networks, the numerous people involved in the case, the “gibberish” when receiving documentation and the lack of collaboration, until the final stage of the process, from the accused.

One of those who joined this late collaboration with the Prosecutor’s Office was the brain of the network, Francisco Correa, who acknowledged in writing the facts attributed to him. Now, the Public Ministry has modified its request for punishment for him: 19 years compared to the 76 initially requested.

The prosecutor, this Thursday at the National Court.

Of all the confessions, the prosecutor recalled the “evidential sufficiency”. “There has been a corroboration of all the extremes and found the absence of spurious motives,” he added. No other evidence, he has added, has contradicted them.

These testimonies, recorded in writing and which the prosecutor qualifies as “invaluable”, together with “the audios, recorded testimonies or emails that have not been contested, they reveal the making of of “fraudulent hiring in this consistory, the anti-corruption prosecutor has indicated.

About the Popular Party, in the case as a possible participant for profit, and her knowledge of the facts prosecuted, the prosecutor has quoted the words of the former internal auditor of the conservative formation, Carlo Lucca. “The PP is a single legal and economic person, with a single number in the party registry. He told us that everything is contracted from [la sede nacional de la madrileña calle] Genoa. “For this reason, it asks me to return this amount as civil liability.

A César Tomás Martín Morales –former manager of the Municipal Land and Housing Company (EMSV) of Boadilla and former campaign manager of the municipal PP – the Prosecutor’s Office accuses him of a crime of prevarication for allegedly “unwarranted” awards and “arbitrary” hiring of companies related to the network.

Likewise, Nicolás has valued the importance of the audios secretly recorded by the former councilman of the PP Jose Luis Peñas, which uncovered the macrocause, and which have not been contested by any of the parties.

It has also highlighted the “brave” testimony of the businessman, now deceased, Rafael Naranjo, who confessed to having paid commissions in Switzerland in exchange for awards in various Madrid city councils, despite the “use of all mechanisms to delay [su declaración], such as his incipient cognitive deterioration. “A subsequent psychiatric report, the Public Ministry recalled, highlighted his speech as” having a coherent logical structure, without alterations in language or behavior. ”

‘El Albondiguilla’ “slips away its responsibility”

“You cannot see any attenuation when the confession is biased, equivocal and false, demanding that it not hide relevant elements or include some different ones, “the prosecutor recalled, citing a Supreme Court ruling.

González Panero’s, in the eyes of the Public Ministry, does not meet any of the requirements. What’s more, the former mayor “slips away his responsibility (…), he has not collaborated at all, except what he could not deny,” the prosecutor censured. Thus, maintains the same request for punishment for him: 40 years and nine months in prison.

Arturo González Panero, 'El Albondiguilla', when he was mayor.

Arturo González Panero, ‘El Albondiguilla’, when he was mayor.


“Could you deny a trial tsunami of 16 defendants? He must have thought: ‘Since I can’t deny it, I’m going to try to make a profit,’ “he argued, criticizing the confession letter of November 3, 2021, the last of all, of The Albondiguilla.

And it has made Panero deny some competences in hiring that the auditors later recognized that they did correspond to the mayor.

“Complexity” of the cause

Concepción Nicolás has denied “undue delay” in a process that he has called complex, in which requests for information (letters rogatory) have been made to eleven countries and in which “there has been no collaboration until a very recent moment.”

In addition to González Panero, they have recognized the facts Francisco Correa, Pablo Crespo, employees of companies in Correa José Luis Izquierdo, Isabel Jordán and Javier Nombela.

So did the former campaign chief of the PP of Boadilla César Tomás Martín Morales, the former popular deputy Alfonso Bosch Tejedor and the businessmen Alfonso Garcia-Pozuelo, Jose Luis Ulibarri, Jose Luis Martinez Parra, Rafael Martínez Moliero, Jacobo Gordon Levenfeld.

Likewise, among those who have confessed are the advisers of the network José Ramón Blanco Balín Y Luis de Miguel Pérez.

“We are not interested in each other’s motivations [para confesar]; this is not an auto sacramental. And the legislator is not interested either. As the case law says, it is not a problem that the expectation of obtaining a reduction of the sentence is what motivates if that is what motivates him said confessions, “he added.” I want to verify that In no case has the prosecutor induced what he has to recognize each one of the accused “, has pointed out.

Penalty reduction

Also, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has slightly modified its conclusions in the piece Boadilla Of the plot belt. For him brain Correa and his partner Pablo Crespo (former Secretary of Organization of the PP of Galicia) does suppress the crime of illicit association, for which they have already been convicted in 2017 in another piece (called Feature) of the macrocause. Too removes special disablement for the crime of bribery for both.

Therefore, together with the extenuating confession, for the leader of the plot asks now 19 years compared to the 76 initially requested; and for his second, Pablo Crespo, 16 compared to the previous 64.

In addition, this Thursday, at the National Court, the prosecutor reiterated the withdrawal of her accusation against Carmen Garcia Moreno, company administrator, to Jose Galeote (after the dismissal of the case for him for his senile deterioration) and for Rafael Naranjo (businessman already deceased).

He has also indicated that his new writing includes the payment of 160,000 euros by businessman José Luis Ulibarri in 2017, payment derived from a tax offense for its VAT return in 2006. Likewise, the Prosecutor’s Office recognizes repairing the damage in the case of all those who have monetarily satisfied their civil liability.

In this piece, the Popular Party He appears as a presumed civil liable as a participant for profit (that is, as a beneficiary of the crime without having committed it) for 204,198 euros of supposed benefits of the Boadilla plot.

In his statement in the middle of last December, National Police Inspector Manuel Morocho, in charge of leading the investigation on the plot belt As part of the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF), he assured that the corrupt network financed acts of the PP in the regional campaign of 2003.

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