The fourth dose of the Covid vaccine multiplies by five the antibodies in a week


Israel, First Country in the World to Administer Second Booster, Reveals Study Data

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Just two days after the approval of the fourth dose of the vaccine against Covid in Israel, the prime minister Naftali Bennett stated, citing a preliminary study, that the boost multiplies by five the antibodies in a week after its administration. “One week after the fourth dose is injected, we know with greater certainty that it is safe and effective: there is a five-fold increase in the amount of antibodies in the vaccinated person,” Bennett told reporters as he left the laboratory of the Mdico Sheva Center. The cited study involved 154 volunteers who had received the third dose in August and who had a low level of antibodies.

Bennett added that the data collected so far by the Mdico Sheba Center they seem to indicate that the fourth dose guarantees “much better” protection against both infection and the possibility of becoming seriously ill. “In other words,” he said, “the fourth dose is safe, and that’s safe. And, with a very high probability, it works.”

The fourth dose of the vaccine against Covid approved in Israel, which aims to achieve herd immunity, is administered to healthcare workers and those over 60 four months after the last dose, after preliminary data showed a drop in antibodies and after three months after the third dose.

As on previous occasions, Israel be a live laboratory that can provide important information to the whole world. The spread of micron has pushed for the fourth dose to protect the most vulnerable and most exposed to the virus, with a number of infections reaching figures only seen at the peak of the third wave in January 2021.

For now, the hypothesis of a fourth dose in the middle of the third-booster campaign is being greeted with caution by the rest of the world. The immunologist Anthony Fauci, advisor to the president of U.S, said on the subject a few days ago: “It is premature to talk about a fourth dose. One of the things that we will follow very closely is how long the protection lasts after the third dose of an mRNA vaccine.”

“It is not really sustainable, and probably not even necessary, to think about vaccinating everyone every 4 or 6 months,” says the professor. Andrew Pollard, British virologist and pediatrician. “We have not even succeeded in vaccinating all residents of Africa with a single dose and we certainly are not going to be able to make the administration of a fourth dose manageable for all” in the near future, Pollard insisted in an interview with BBC Radio, and reiterated that the need for a fourth dose is not yet “completely safe” and that, in any case, for now it will be reserved for the most vulnerable people.

“But how long will the protection last with the fourth dose?” Asks the immunologist of the Padua UniversityAntonella Viola, while the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco and the infectious specialist Massimo Galli they do not rule out at all the hypothesis of having to proceed with a yearly vaccination, at least in the most vulnerable people, as is done with the flu.

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