Tereshkovich: "Gauguin and Pauline told my grandchildren that I had died and asked them to pray for the repose of my soul."

Ekaterina Tereshkovich and Gauguin Solntsev

It seemed that Gauguin would not surprise the audience with anything, but no. Recently it turned out that Solntsev told the children of his wife Polina that their grandmother … suddenly passed away. Upon learning of this, Ekaterina Tereshkovich almost lost her voice.

“You have no idea that you threw out these creatures! They told my grandchildren that I was dead. I – their own grandmother – died of drunkenness! I’m shocked! Gauguin and Pauline do not allow me to communicate with Matthew and Bogdan, in which I do not like a soul. On New Year’s holidays, I came to them with gifts, rang the doorbell. Gauguin opened and, seeing me, immediately burst into an obscene tirade. Hearing screams, Pauline jumped out. They began to beat me, and then they let me down the stairs. I immediately wrote a statement against them. Police officers have arrived, ”the 67-year-old pensioner shared the details.

Catherine does not know how to contact her grandchildren, because she is not even allowed to enter the house. “They are, they say, afraid of covid. This is such disgusting! They know perfectly well that I am vaccinated. They just wanted me to break my neck in the stairwell, and they would put everything up so that there was an accident. I think that they will tweak something again soon. Therefore, I want to go to a notary public in the next few days and write a will for my grandchildren. But on the other hand, I understand: Gauguin and Pauline can easily take everything away from them. A neighbor said hello to the boys from me, and they started to shy away from her. “Isn’t Katya dead? Mom asked to pray for the repose of her soul! ” – they answered her. After that, I realized: we urgently need to save the situation, ”Tereshkovich exclaims.

Showman married ex-wife's daughter

Showman married ex-wife’s daughter

But Catherine has other problems – after a divorce from 41-year-old Solntsev, the woman was faced with a lack of money. Now she is barely making ends meet.

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“I know that scoundrels – Pauline and Gauguin – travel abroad. I even showed pictures of them tumbling on the coast. And at this time I count a penny. My pension is small, and now after the divorce it has become even smaller. Because I have to pay for everything myself. What do you! Even before the New Year, I had to contact social services. There they listened to me and presented me with a food set for the New Year, since I could not afford to set the table for the holiday. Nobody, except for a couple of girlfriends, even congratulated me. I cried all the holidays alone from hopelessness! I was betrayed by the closest people – my husband and daughter. And I just don’t know how to live with it! ” She sighs.

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