Survive the heat wave testing wave

The heat did not give up yesterday and neither did the pandemic. People did their best to pass the heat in the testing centers. Some wore caps and even straw hats. Others could not hide the envy they felt to see those who took advantage of the minutes of shade under a tree or a gazebo. There were older adults who tried to wipe the perspiration with disposable tissues and others who took off their masks to be able to take larger puffs of air, as if that would refresh them. Is that the water they had in the bottles, which they had from early in the morning, was ideal for drinking mate rather than for passing the heat. This is how yesterday’s unbearable day was lived in the testing centers, where people, in addition to waiting in the endless lines to be attended to, had to endure the peak of the heat wave, which had San Juan all day on Red Alert along with few more provinces.

When the thermometer touched 40 ° C and many people chose to stay locked in their homes with the air conditioning on, other San Juan people lined up to be swabbed. People sitting on the gutters covering themselves from the sun under the scant shade of the trees, entire families leaning motionless on a wall, trying to take advantage of the small space of shade that it gave; and the lines of people looking for something to drink in the kiosks near the testing centers were other postcards left by yesterday’s unbearable day in San Juan. It is that not even the heat stopped the people of San Juan who wanted to know whether or not they are infected with covid. Many even said that they went to get a swab to be discharged, something that Health said was not necessary (see separate).

Lara Martínez stood in line for almost 5 hours. Wearing shorts, sneakers, a muscular blue and a sports backpack that at times she used as a hat to cover herself from the sun, she endured the heat, back pain and the urge to vomit that led her to swab herself. “I feel really bad and I never thought it could take so long. A few hours ago, I asked the lady behind me to take care of the place for me and I went to buy water, but I ran out within minutes,” said the young woman and She said that she had called her mother to bring some very cool bottles of water, because she was overwhelmed by so much heat. Like her, many San Juan people faced the heat wave and waited their turn.

As if they were on the beach, people on deck chairs were commonplace. Some arrived with frozen bottles, with the pot bag and cookies to pass the hours. However, others were taken by surprise by the wait. “I arrived at 4.30 in the morning and it was number 24. When the sun began to rise, you could already feel the heat,” said Omar Zárate, who swabbed in Chimbas, while people who arrived two or three hours later that he had to wait until after 2 p.m. to be swabbed. “I came with what I was wearing. Thankfully they put gazebos from the health center, because there are people who cannot stand the sun. The wait is eternal, especially because of the heat,” added Darío Ucciardello, who also passed through the center of Salud Báez Laspiur and that he had number 146 even though he arrived minutes before 7.

At the Aldo Cantoni stadium, the line was a little faster and there were also tents so that people did not wait so long in the sun. In this testing center there was also a hydration station, as in the Barassi Health Center, in the CARF and in the Pocito hospital, where people also made a very long line to be swabbed.


Positive cases confirmed by antigen test or PCR and by clinical epidemiological criteria that have complete vaccination (2 or 3 doses, depending on the time) have to be isolated for 7 days. Afterwards, they have to have 3 days of special care.

The positives confirmed by a test or by epidemiological criteria, with incomplete vaccination or not vaccinated, have to do 10 days of isolation. And, like vaccinated positives, they do not need a diagnostic test to be discharged.

Close contacts with symptoms are considered a confirmed case by epidemiological criteria and a diagnostic test should not be performed. Nor should they do it for discharge. The isolation is equal to that of people with confirmed covid.

Asymptomatic close contact, with complete vaccination, is not isolated, but extreme care is taken. And close contacts who do not have a complete vaccination or were not vaccinated have to do 7 days of isolation, plus 3 of care.

The special cares are: to use the chinstrap appropriately, in closed or open environments; keep a distance greater than 1.5 meters, ventilate the rooms and do not attend mass events or social gatherings, among others.

The new isolation measures were decided at the last meeting of the Federal Health Council, and in San Juan yesterday they already entered into force. The main objective is to affect the labor market as little as possible due to absenteeism.

Impressive jump in contagion

In line with the global trend, with which (according to UN data) only in the last week coronavirus infections increased by 50%, mainly due to the presence of Ómicron, yesterday the official report on the pandemic in San Juan was lapidary . In a single day, Public Health registered more than 3,400 infections, something that had never happened since the arrival of the virus in the province. In this way, the accumulated total of cases comfortably exceeds ninety thousand at the local level.

Also yesterday Health reported two deaths from covid. One of them, a 65-year-old man from Capital, who was admitted to the Santa Clara Clinic; and a woman from Jáchal, 81, who was also hospitalized, but at the San Roque Hospital, in the northern department.

According to the official report, the number of hospitalized patients in all Covid Areas of the province has remained stable in the last three days. Last night there were a total of 40, of which only 5 remained in the Critical Area and one of them received mechanical ventilation. In addition, 2 of the internees are pregnant women and 3 are children who do not have a complete covid vaccination scheme.

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